Monday, December 28, 2009

I missed Christmas!

And i'm bummed... I had the flu; slept right through Christmas. I wait all year long for Christmas day and then I missed it. Christmas is my favorite time of the year because everyone seems to be happier, nicer and more loving. Its magic.

So, I want a do-over. I'm still not 100% well, but I want a to have a redo when I feel better. I think Christmas should last longer than a day anyway. It seems like people would enjoy keeping that loving, warm feeling in their hearts a little longer. It's a shame it fades as quickly as a New Year's resolution.

Anyway, when I get better, I'm going to have a do-over. Maybe my New Year's resolution will even be to keep that "Christmas feeling" though out the year, or as long as I can keep it up. The wise men celebrated Jesus's birthday way after his birthday anyway didn't they? It wasn't just a one day thing...

As far as training goes, there is none. In fact, typing is making me tired. I hope to ease back into it in a few days. This is probably the longest break I've had from my kettlebells in a few years. Maybe this sickness, will allow me to be even stronger when I return. That's what I'll keep telling myself...

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas, again!