About Tim

Tim is a Movement Revitalization Specialist - a movement coach with a different approach to health and fitness. He has been in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years. He holds nationally accredited personal training certifications and he is an accomplished Battling Ropes 1&2, russian kettlebell instructor as taught by Pavel Tsatsouline, and CK-FMS instructor. 

Tim has written training articles for Dragon Door, Primal Move, Dan John, Perform Better, and Interesting Times Magazine. In 2011, with the leading of the Holy Spirit, Tim co-authored Becoming Bulletproof: An Uncommon Approach to Building a Healthy Body. Becoming Bulletproof has been instrumental in ushering in a whole new shift in thinking in the health and fitness industry! Later, in 2012, Tim authored Pressing Reset: The Guidebook to Becoming Bulletproof. Tim is pioneering the whole new direction in the health and fitness industry. 

Tim is a teacher and a student. He loves to learn, and share what he knows with others. He has a heart for God, and a passion for health and fitness. Tim believes that God is the true source for health and all good things.

From Tim:

I believe we were created to move. Movement is what helps us grow and develop as a child, and it is what nourishes our brains and keeps us strong and healthy as adults. Movement is what allows us to enjoy our lives. 

We were not meant to be static, injured, or lethargic. We were made to be energetic, resilient, and dynamic! We were made to move! 

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