Thursday, January 31, 2008

Getting ready

Tomorrow is the first day of the Z-health R-phase. I feel nervous; don't know why. I know it will be a great learning adventure. Hopefully I will learn, apply and grow. Fun.

Today's Training:

A1-Cross-body Pistols to a one legged MP w/ 16kg: 3/3 x 4 sets
A2-Pull-ups w/ 16kg: 3 x 4 sets
B1-Cross-body SLDL w/ 24kg: 5/5 x 4 sets
B2-BUP w/ 24kg: 4/4 x 4 sets
Snatches w/ 24kg: 10/10, 10/10, 10/10
Waiters Walks w/ 24kg: 1 min each side x 2 sets

Now, I rest for Z.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Fun with Family

We took the kids snow skiing this week, so I took a few days off from training. Luke and Tate are 5 and 3 and it was their first time skiing. It was also about the first time I've been skiing in about 7 years. We had fun. Nothing like seeing your kids laugh and giggle while sliding down a mountain.

After the long drive home, I wanted to grab a kettlebell. So, I did...

Sunday, 1/27/08:

Cross-body SLDL w/ 32 kg: 4/4 x 5 sets
MP w/ 32 kg: 3/3 x 5 sets
Pull-ups w/ 24kg: 2 x 5 sets

Short but therapeutic.

The first half of the Z-health R-phase cert is in 4 days!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

What can you do with a kettlebell?

I think ONE of the reasons I love the kettlebell so much is that it is so versatile. You can almost do anything with it as far as training is concerned. Work your entire body from head to toe, from any angle, anywhere. It's just an awesome tool for developing a real body that is ready for whatever tomorrow may throw at you.

Today, I played a little bit while I was training. Well, I trained the same as usual, but different. I was actually just practicing. No other goal other than to practice my form. Something I should always do, but lose sight of...

A1- Pistols w/ 16kg: 3/3, 3/3, 3/3
A2- Waiter's Press w/ 24kg: 5/5, 5/5, 5/5
A3- Pull-ups w/ 16kg: 4, 4, 4
Hardstyle swings w/ 16kg: 10/10 x 5 sets
Clean and Jerks w/ 16kg: 5/5 x 5 sets
Chest Opening Windmill w/ 24kg: 3/3 x 4 sets
Z before, Z after

Felt good, movements were good, focus was good.

That is good.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Here's what I've done the last two days. Still working my "simple" plan.

Thursday - 1/17/08
I got a gymboss for my cardio/interval training. It works pretty good. It even vibrates to let you know when it's time to start/stop (in case your music is to loud to hear it beep).

Z-health warm-up

TGU's w/ 32kg: 2/2, 2/2, 2/2, 2/2
Intervals w/ 16kg: 1 minute of work, 30 sec of rest
Exercises: swing, snatch, squat to crush curl to press, figure 8 to a hold, swing to high pull, swing to squat, high pull to snatch, clean and press, swing to high pull,
sling shot, snatch, swing
(i'm working on a routine for a 30 minute class i'm leading at the club...)

Friday - 1/18/08
Z-health warm-up
Dead Lifts w/ 245lbs: 3 x 5 sets
MP w/ 32kg kettlebell: 3/3 x 5 sets
Z-health hip circles b/w all sets

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Counting down

The Z-health cert (R-phase) is coming up in 2 weeks. Getting excited/nervous/anxious. Hope i've been doing my exercises close to right. Can't wait to see what I'll learn. Excited about learning - never thought that would be possible back in high school. Anyway, I think i'll be ready.


Tuesday - 1/15/08
TGU's w/ 24kg: 5/5,5/5,5/5
Swings w/ 24kg: 15 sec on/15 sec off
20 sets of 10 = 200 reps.

Wednesday - 1/16/08
A1 - Pistols w/ 16kg: 3/3,3/3,3/3,3/3
Wow, where did those come from?
A2 - BUP w/ 24kg: 5/5,5/5,5/5,5/5
A3 - Pull-ups w/16kg: 4,4,4,4
Windmills w/ 24kg: 5/5,5/5,5/5,5/5
Later that day... Sprints! Ow, groin; found it...

See ya, bye!

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Training has been good lately. Still "holding back." Probably will for a good while; indefinitely if it goes well. Lately I've decided to take it easy and just practice Z-health and flexibility when i'm working at the fire department. That gives me about 10 days a month of rest from training. A new approach for me. It is a new year, and i'm not playing around...

Thursday 1/10/08

Friday 1/11/08
Z-health warm-up
A1-Front Squats w/ 24kg: 5/5 x 4 sets
A2-Bent Press w/ 24kg: 5/5 x 4 sets
A3-Pull-ups w/ 16kg: 4 reps x 4 sets
Windmills w/ 24kg: 5/5 x 2 sets

Saturday 1/12/08

Sunday 1/13/08
Dead Lifts w/ 235lbs: 3 reps x 5 sets
Kettlebell Press w/ 32kg: 3/3 x 5 sets
later in day, Rebounded for 10 minutes

Just monitoring how I feel during and after each set. Trying my best to move well and not to move into pain.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Feeling Well

Been feeling good lately. I've been practicing some weird "holding back" method. It works like this: if I've made up my mind to do five sets, I do four. If I want to hit 250 reps, I might only do 220. I'm holding myself back and trying not to be greedy. I know it seems silly, but it may keep me healthy.

This week:

Sunday 1/6/08

A1-Front Squat to MP w/ 24kg (ladders) 1,2,3/1,2,3 x 5 sets
A2-Pull-ups: 6 reps x 5 sets
Snatch w/ 24kg: 10/10 x 4 sets

Monday 1/7/08

TGU to Windmill w/ 24kg: 3/3 x 3 sets
Swings w/ 16kg: 30/30, 20/20, 10/10, 10/10, 10/10, 10/10, 10/10

Tuesday 1/8/08

Suitcase Dead Lift
95lbs: 3/3 Then 115lbs: 3/3 x 4 sets
Side Press w/ 70lbs on bar: 3/3 x 3 sets
Double MP w/ 2(24kg) KB's: 5,5

Wednesday 1/9/08

TGU w/ 32kgs! 2/2, 2/2, 2/2, 2/2 (it's been a while!)
Snatch w/ 16kgs: 10/10 x 10 sets = 200 reps
Sprints! Yep ran about 8 100 yard sprints today. Time to get my speed back...

That's the deal so far. I start each workout with the Z-health neural warm-up and do some Z-health for a cool down/reset.

Friday, January 4, 2008


My training sessions don't really take up a lot of time. Well they do if you include the Z-health warm-ups I do, but I don't really count that. Anyway, here's what's happening today:

1/4/08 - Friday

A1- Swings w/ 32kg: 10/10 x 5 sets
A2- Bottoms Up Press w/ 24kg: 5/5 x 5 sets
B1- Windmills w/ 24kg: 5/5 x 4 sets
B2- Pull-ups w/ 16kg: 3 x 4 sets

This feels more like therapy than training. It just feels good. Can't explain it.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Same Me, New Year

My New Years Resolution was/is to train simple, train smart, stay healthy, and avoid pain. Seems like a solid idea. My wife is now reading my blog so I must make this resolution a reality! We'll see how that all shakes out... Anyway, Here's what I'm up to:

12/31/07 - Monday

Z health warm-up
TGU w/ 16kg
5/5, 5/5, 5/5
Snatches w/ 16kg
10 minutes - 100 reps, short rest, 60 reps

1/1/08 - Tuesday

Z health morning
Z health evening

1/2/08 - Wednesday

Z health warm-up
Dead Lifts w/ 225 lbs
3 reps x 5 sets
Side Press w/ 65 lbs on O-bar
3/3 reps x 5 sets
Light rebounding on mini tramp b/w sets

That's about it. Happy New Year.