Monday, September 20, 2010

A pressing issue

Kinda. I changed up my routines a little lately to give myself a break. I've been burning the candle pretty hot lately. So Im changing this week to be same but different and less. Less in my head anyways...

Today's training:

A1 - Hand Stand Push Ups - elevated on blocks: 5 x 8
A2 - Goblet Squats w/ 32kg: 5 x 7 sets
B - Explosive swings (might even say Hardstyle Swings!)
      24kg: 10 x 5 sets, then 32kg: 10 x 10 sets

I was not intending to do so many swings but they felt really good so I just rolled with it...

Did a little battling ropes action later today too. Pulled 600 feet in an awful position and did some velocity work. Mostly cause i'm crazy.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Don't Listen

Do you have a goal? Or a dream? Is there something you just want to accomplish? Go for it. No matter how big or how small, make it happen. You may hear little voices in your head that give you so many reasons why you will fail or why you're just being stupid. You may hear little voices from "friends" who say the same things. Who cares. Don't listen to those voices. They are just noise. Just distractions. Just dream stealers. Set your sights on whatever it is you want to achieve, make a plan, execute your plan, and then don't let up until you make it happen. If your plan doesn't work, make another one. But just make it happen. 
Anything less and you will never achieve whatever it is you are trying for. 

Don't listen to all the noise. Fight for your goals, your dreams, your hopes. Fight.

Anyhoo, Today's training:

A - Double Snatches w/ 16s: 10 x 15 sets
B1 - C & P w/ 36kg: 3/3 x 6, 2/2
B2 - Goblet Squat w/ 32kg: 5 x 5 
TGU w/ 24kg: 2/2

That is all, except for this: Fight.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back from the beach

Got to spend the holiday weekend at the beach with my family. It was a beautiful weekend. I got to play with my kids and my nephew. I even went swimming in the ocean for the first time in about 10 years. Got scared of sharks and other things i couldn't see in the water a while back... I enjoyed it.

Of course, I did also take my babies (2 24kg kettlebells). After all, why else would they have a handle if they weren't meant to go traveling?

A1 - Bent press w/ 24kg: 5/5 x 8 sets
A2 - SLDL w/ 24kg: 5/5 x 8 sets
B - Dbl Jerks w/ 24s: 10 x 5 sets, 8 x 3 sets, 5 x 3 sets

Sprints on the Beach! ~ 50 yards: 1/2 speed x 2, 3/4 to 7/8 speed x 8
Tried a pull-up w/ 24kg kettlebell today - got it!

A - Double Snatches w/ 24kg: 5 x 16 sets
B1 - Goblet squat w/ 24kg: 5 x 7
B2 - Bottoms Up Press w/ 28kg: 3/3, 3/3, 4/4, 3/3, 4/4, 3/3

Thats all folks.