Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's a New Year!

...And, a new you, right? After all, New Years is a time for resolutions. My definition of a New Year's Resolution is that its just a well intentioned idea that last any where from a week to a month. Do we really need to make resolutions? What's wrong with the way we are? Sure, we could all stand to change every now and then to become a better us. But why make resolutions at the New Year? Do we have to wait a year to try and change ourselves? If we really want to make a change, can't we start changing at any time? I think we all hope that a New Year will bring a little better life than we had in the previous year.

Maybe though, we should look at each day the way we look at a new year. What if we hoped that each day would be better than the last? Better yet, what if we actually tried to make each day better? We can't control everything that happens to us in a day, certainly not in a year. But we can control how we react to what happens to us. And in many instances we can choose and make decisions that will give us a great shot at making a great day. If we tackled each day one at a time and tried to become a better us each day, in 365 days we would've had and made a great year. Just a thought. By an inch its a cinch, by a yard its hard. Right?

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Christmas brings the hope of a better today, a better tomorrow and a better forever. So having said all of that, Happy New Year! Or, New Day...

Training has been going okay. Still enjoying practicing my S-phase drills.

TGU to Windmill w/ 24kg: 4/4 x 3 sets
DBL Presses w/ 2*32kg: 4, 4, 4, 4
Pull-ups w/ 24kg: 4, 4, 4, 4
Bent Presses w/ 36kg: 3/3 x 3 sets
Pegboards w/ bands

R-phase w/ more than usual concentration
S-phase drills: plyosteps and vision work

A1 - Snatches w/ 16kg: 10/10 x 8
A2 - Jump rope: 1 minute x 8 sets
B1 - Swing/flip/catch/squat w/ 24kg: 10 x 6 sets
B2 - Evil wheel roll outs: 5 x 6 sets

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I am moble

And I'm getting more moble each day. If anyone wants to catch a little glimpse at what Z-health can do, check out Katie Bigelow's blog at She helped me with an issue I was having...

I've been doing a good deal of agility training since S-phase and I really like it. In fact, I may love it. A long time ago, in a town far, far away I used to be a sprinter. I loved sprinting; as I was kinda good at it. Anyway, somewhere down the road of time I let my love slip away. S-phase has rekindled that flame and it feels good. So, I've been practicing...

My training has been going well, especially since I am peppering it so much with my S-phase drills. This week has been a "medium" week for me as far as my training weights go. I'm still learning that it's not good to be full throttle all the time, even when it's me...

Eye drills: saccade charts and convergence exercise
Jump rope for 2 minutes
A1 - Windmills w/ 24kg: 5/5 x 3
A2 - Plyosteps: 5L/5R x 3
B1 - Double Presses w/ 2*16kg: 5 x 6 sets
B2 - Pull-ups w/ 16kg: 5 x 6 sets
B3 - Hip turn Plyo: 3L/3R x 6
Pegboard practice w/ medicine ball

Eye drills: saccade charts, convergence drills
A1 - Snatches w/ 16kg: 24/24 x 5 sets
A2 - Jump rope for 2 minutes x 5 sets (ave 140 jumps per minute)
Rest 45 seconds b/w rounds
B1 - Evil Wheel: 5 x 4 sets
B2 - on belly to 4 point stance: 5 x 4 sets

R-phase in am followed by lots of plyostep work

Saccade Chart and Left eye tracking drlls
TGU to Windmill w/ 24kg: 3/3 x 3
B1 - Double Presses w/ 2*32kg: 3 x 6 sets
B2 - Pull-ups w/ 24kg: 3 x 6 sets
B3 - On belly to 4 point stance: 6, 6, 5L, 5R, 5L, 5R
Pegboard work w/ elastic bands

That's it. nothing fancy. Just enjoying training.

If I don't see you, write you or hear from you before next week,
Have a Good Christmas!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


...Was simply awesome. I was in Phoenix last week attending the S-phase cert with a lot of other Z-healthers. It was a blast. I learned so much and had even more fun. It was 4 days of serious sport training. What sport was the training for? Life.

I can not say enough how amazing the body is and how wonderfully we are made. Learning is cool...

Anyway, yesterday's training was easy
DBL snatches w/ 2*16kg: 10 x 5
LCCJ w/ 2*16kg: 15 x 5

Today's training also pretty low key:
Buttoms Up TGU w/ 16kg: 3/3, 3/3, 3/3
DBL Presses w/ 2*16kg: 6 x 6
Pull-ups w/ bw: 6 x 6
Practiced plyosteps, athletic ready stance and springing from the ground to 4 point stance. Good stuff...

That is all for now!