Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I am fortunate. No, I am blessed. The people I train, my clients, become my friends. So, I go to work, and train my friends. What a blessing!

One of my clients recently asked if I would share a link on facebook. It is about an 8 year old girl who is going to shave her head in order to raise money for cancer research. Think about how beautiful that is. An 8 year old girl who is selfless enough to give her hair away so that others can have hope and fight for a cure. That is truly amazing to me. 

I have an 8 year old son and to even try to rationalize and understand what goes on in his mind would make my head pop off my shoulders! To know that an 8 year old can be moved so much with love and selflessness to want to shave her head for someone else is truly beautiful. 

I read once that there is no greater love than for a man to lay down his life for his friends. For an 8 year old to shave her head for someone else, she is displaying that same "greater love." Again, it is simply beautiful. Inspiring. And Convicting. 

What does this have to do with training, you might ask. Absolutely nothing. But really, at the same time, it has absolutely everything to do with training. The purpose of training should be to improve and enhance our lives, to make our lives better. But not just our lives, the lives of others around us. As I wrote in an earlier post, your life effects the lives of those around you. 

At some point, if your training is really effective, it should improve your life. If your life is improved, that should improve the lives of others around you. What is the point of living life if it is not to make life better for everyone? When you die, no one will care about how much weight you could lift off the ground. They will care though, about how you impacted their lives - good or bad. 

All I'm trying to say is that if we are building the bodies we were meant to have, we should be living the lives we were meant to live. Taylor, an 8 year old girl, is living the life she was meant to live. She is loving others and making life better for everyone. 

If you want to see her page, it is here:

Here is the post from my client - I mean friend: 

Taylor is an 8 year old girl who has chosen to do something very brave this Friday in support of cancer research. She is participating in a St. Baldrick's event and having her beautiful long hair shaved. Our daughter Melanie is living proof of the successes of cancer research so please support Taylor if you can.

Hope you have a great week. Get out and crawl! 



Aleks's Courage Corner said...

Inspirational! We should all be more like this girl. Thank you for posting, Tim!

Tim Anderson said...

Amen Aleks! Yes we should. Thank you for reading and contributing!