Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Can you Run?

Or, do you run? That is probably a better question. If you don't run, you may want to entertain the idea, providing that you are physically able to run. If you are not physically able to run because of movement issues, or pain, you don't have to settle for that - your body was made to run!

Running is awesome! And I'm not talking about jogging. I'm talking about running - as if a bear was chasing after you. Or, better yet, running as if you were chasing after a bear! We were simply made to run, to float across the ground like a gazelle. If you don't believe me, just look at those wonderful calves on the back of your legs. Most people just view calves as shock absorbers, but calves are also like spring-loaded pistons that have the purpose of launching us across the ground. 

We were built for speed. Even if you don't think so! We are all sprinters, or at least we should be. Sprinting (aka, running) is a cross-lateral movement much like crawling. It is just a lot more violent: powerful and fast. 

Crawling and Sprinting are the wonderful bookends to our locomotive spectrum (on land). They are both cross-lateral movements that nourish and develop both the brain and body. Crawling ties the body together and prepares your body to generate and transfer force. Sprinting also ties the body together but prepares the body to transfer high forces. In other words, sprinting prepares you for "life" at speed. 

Life is not always steady and calm. Sometimes we have to move quickly. Sometimes we have to jump unexpectedly. Sometimes we have to fight. Sometimes we have to sprint from bears or other not-so-friendly things. Sprinting prepares us for all of these chaotic, violent things that life offers. Running fast prepares us to overcome!

As I said earlier, if you can't run because of physical issues, you don't have to settle for that. You can regain the body you were meant to have. You really can -  especially if you believe you can. Your body is resilient and the body you have today is capable of dramatic change. You can become a sprinter because you are a sprinter. 

These are just a few benefits of sprinting: 

builds strong, powerful, forceful muscles
strengthens connective tissues
nourishes the brain, therefore it improves the body's movements
increases the metabolism
turns ordinary citizens into supermen (or superwomen)

If you want to look strong and be strong, sprint. Period. It is that simple.

Again, make sure you are moving well and have a solid foundation if you are new to sprinting. And, know that you don't have to sprint full speed. Half speed is a great place to start. (half speed is not a jog, it is a sprint! We don't jog!) Also, you can sprint uphill. It is easier to ease into sprints uphill.

To sum up, sprinting rocks. If you don't sprint, you are missing out. Not sprinting is like not using a wonderful gift you have been given. Sprinting can change your life. Being able to sprint, could even save your life.


davor said...

I haven't ran in years, but plan to reincorporate this movement. There are a lot of coaches out there who want to see a person get very strong before contemplating running. I agree in principle, but ain't nobody got time for that sh--! While paying attention to crawling and other strength moves, it shouldn't be a problem to start out with light jogging, and trying to increase speed over months. Barefoot on grass, of course

Tim Anderson said...

I think you are on the right path. Barefoot on grass and finding some good hills to climb will do wonders. Keep me posted.