Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Ratio - The quantitative relation between two amounts showing the number of times one value contains or is contained within the other. (from google)

23:1 - this is the average ratio of how many hours are in a day verses how many hours are spent exercising - For those that exercise.

24:0 - this is the ratio of hours spent in a day verses the hours spent exercising - For those that don't exercise. 

Shocking ratios, I know. They really aren't that much different. One hour of exercise a day for some people, on a good day, and no hours of exercise for other people on a normal day. 

In reality, a true ratio for an "exerciser" may look like this: 165:3.
This is the ratio of hours in a week verses hours spent exercising. This ratio is a little more eye opening. Out of 168 hours in a week (24 hours x 7 days in a week), the "average" exerciser may get in 3 hours of quality movement. This too is assuming that the movement is quality. 

What is the point to my math? People are broken. Not because they are injured and can't move, but because they don't move. If a person does "exercise" 3 to 4 days a week, they are probably putting in an hour per day of exercise. But lets be honest, out of that hour, they may actually be moving 30 to 40 minutes - conservative estimate. Anyway, there are gambling their health and future off of 3 hours a week, or 156 hours a year, spent doing exercise. 

That is a big gamble. But, I will say that is a far better gamble than the person who spends 0 hours a week exercising. This person is really going to dream about the good ole days of grade school when they are in their 60s. 

The "exerciser" is better off than the "non-exerciser" for sure. But neither person is setting themselves up for a great future. We (people) need to change the way we think. We need to put a priority on movement and quality of life instead of a priority on life's distractions. We need to wake up. Life is meant to be enjoyed on two feet, not watched on two cheeks. 

Instead of watching tv at night on our couches, we should be out playing hide-n-seek with the neighbors. You think I am joking, but how great would you feel if you actually did this a few times a week? You'd feel fan-freaking-tastic! That is how you would feel. You know that was your favorite game growing up. 

Anyway, We need to more because we were made to move. We need to feed our bodies with more movement and less food. We simply need to start living and stop existing. 

There is a lot at stake. Our futures, our quality of life is on the line. We can be here and take up space - watch life go by, or we can thrive with vitality. 
We were meant to thrive. 23:1 - we can do better. 


Kikolu said...

I find that very interesting. I never got it: Lift weights for 1 hour, assuming that the lifting only took up 10minutes. After that "tough" workout my buddies went to McD and stuffed the hell out of it. Once they get older than 17 years old, they got flabby. Ha!
I, instead, traveled back home by bike, riding one hour trough the woods, taking our dogs for a long walk and played with them very rough catch-games, sprinting with them and all that.
nothing changed: I commute by bike every day, 20miles each way, so 40 miles each day. I like it to flow by cars stucking in traffic jam.
and when I get home, I walk our dogs, play on my rings, do push-ups, etc what ever comes to mind.
Its interesting because I tought about that ratio and I easily am at 26-30 hours moving a week.

Tim Anderson said...


Thanks for the post. Sounds like you are doing better than most of us! Keep up the great work.
Thank you again for contributing to my blog!


Aleks's Courage Corner said...

Awesome post as always, Tim. I really like how you broke it down like that, because it's something I've been feeling for a long time, though I haven't been able to vocalize it. This is something I think people need, more than anything, to experience to believe. I love the hide-and-seek idea; I may just have to implement it with my friends to prove it!


Tim Anderson said...

Thanks Aleks,

We can take this to the masses. The "industry" is right for a change.

The next time we get together, let's play hide-n-seek.
BTW, I loved hanging out with you at the BB workshop.

My brother, the Hebrew Hammer!