Saturday, January 12, 2013

Take a Hike

One of the ways we can become bulletproof is to engage in activities and movements that we were simply meant to do. To be honest, all movements are probably movements we were meant to do. But, many of us don't deliberately engage in movements and activities our bodies were made for. As a result, we become less than we were meant to be - we become soft, fragile, weak. 

It is not hard to regain our strength, our youth, our resiliency. All we have to do is consistently engage in activities our bodies were made for, activities our brains and bodies crave - activities like hiking, for instance.

When is the last time you went hiking? When is the last time you took a stroll in the country side, or even the "urban" side? I'm not talking about taking a walk here. I am talking about hiking - navigating terrain that has awkward, uneven steps, terrain that challenges the brain as it tries to determine where to place the next step, terrain that requires the body to use strength, grace, coordination and prediction. Yes, prediction. The brain sometimes has to "guess" where you should move and place your next step on the fly, where you should place your hands for more stability, whether or not you should step, skip, or leap to that next rock. 

Hiking is so much more than a mindless walk. It is brain and body candy. It feeds the mind and body at the same time. It gets you outside, it gets you engaged, it gets you moving and it opens the door for some "adventure." 

Hiking is an easy way to satisfy a couple of things your body craves: movement and adventure. Today, I got to go hiking with my family in the NC mountains. We got to climb up huge rocks that crossed over a river and they made several waterfalls. It was beautiful. More importantly, it was a wonderful way for the whole family to experience "life" together. Everyone was having an adventure. Everyone was having a good time: smiling, laughing, and living. The boys' imaginations were going wild as they conquered each boulder. My wife had to navigate and move her body in ways that an office cubicle never demands. I even had the thrill of discovering I could leap, climb and crawl up terrain that people my age yield to others who have more "youth." 

The point is, today, my entire family got to experience a little "life" and adventure by going outside and taking a hike. Today my whole family inched a little bit closer to becoming bulletproof. What do you think would happen in our brains and bodies if we deliberately set out to take a hike on a regular basis? What do you think would happen in and with our relationships? Healthy relationships help you become bulletproof too, by the way. Life is more than just movement. We need things like love, joy, and companionship, too. 

Anyway, if you haven't done it in a while, or if you've never done it. Go take a hike. Find a place that has cool scenery or cool terrain that engages your brain, your imagination and your body. Hiking is a great way to regain and keep your resiliency. It truly can help you become a little more bulletproof - in more ways than one.

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