Thursday, April 4, 2013

Is It Movement or Food?

Why do you think so many people in America are overweight? Do you think it is because we are the land of the plenty, so we eat too much? Or, do you think we are the land of the plenty, so we don't move as we should? 

I guess what I'm asking is: Are people overweight because they eat too much, or are people overweight because they simply don't move as they should? 

Many would look and argue that diet is the cause of our weight issues. But I think that perhaps the increase in our weight as a country has more to do with us not moving our bodies the way we should. 

There have been studies that show children who receive adequate nutrition can actually grow with signs of malnourishment if they do not receive tender love and care from a parent or guardian. So even with adequate nutrition, the body can show signs of malnourishment. What is my point here? Food may not always point to the issue. 

Based off these studies, I'll bet that people who receive adequate nutrition can also display signs of over-abundance of food. Why, because their bodies are not moving like they should. 

Movement keeps the entire (the whole thing) body healthy. It takes movement to keep your digestive system operating correctly. It takes movement to keep your lymphatic system running smoothly. It takes movement to keep your hormones at optimal levels. All systems in your body are effected by your body's movements. Movement is health. 

If we don't move, our digestive system and our hormonal systems could be way out of balance = overweight, diabetes, low thyroid, blood pressure issues, or just about whatever other issues you want to think about. If you want a healthy metabolism, movement is probably more important than the food you eat. 

Don't misunderstand me, food is important to a healthy body. And, too much food can lead to obesity and other health issues. BUT, movement may be just as important, if not more important, to how healthy your body is, or to how your body responds to the food that you give it. 

I think people are quick to look at their diet when it comes to their weight. And, I also know people would rather change their activity level than their diets when it comes to "getting in shape". So this raises another question: Why doesn't newly introduced activity levels solve the obesity epidemic? There are too many reasons to discuss here as to why this might be, but I will say that perhaps the new physical activity is full of all the wrong movements, and non of the right movements. Ponder that for a while...

Anyway, the body was made to move, in certain wonderful ways, and unless the body is engaged in what it was designed to do, the body's systems probably are not going to run optimally. Which means that our obesity epidemic could very well have more to do with our lack of movement than it does our over-abundance of food. 

I could be way off here. But, I could also be way on, too. 

Just something to think about....

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