Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I Went for a Crawl...

Today is my 38th birthday. In the last few years, I generally like to have a special "workout" to celebrate. Last night as I was trying to decide what I would do, the only thing I could come up with was crawling - the thing that makes me feel like a superhero. 

So today, I went for a crawl; through the neighborhood. For 40 minutes I crawled like Spider-man, only better because I doubt that he has ever crawled for 40 straight minutes. When you go for a crawl through the neighborhood you have plenty of time to think. You think about all kinds of things, too. For instance, why do people have no problem staring at you while you are crawling, but when you try to make eye contact with them, they seem fearful or act as if you are not really there? It's amazing how uncomfortable people can become when they encounter something they esteem as unusual. People that would normally smile and give a courtesy head nod, will not dare to make eye contact with you if you go for a crawl. 

Anyway, like I said, you have plenty of time to think and evaluate your life when you go for a crawl through your neighborhood. So today, I thought I would share some of my thoughts with you: 

I thought about how I've always wanted to be bulletproof, to be Superman. I've never outgrown that childhood dream. 

I thought about how I've even prayed to be Superman. Silly, I know. Or is it?

Today, while, and after I crawled, I realized I am never alone, or forsaken. 

I have a wife strong enough, patient enough, and loving enough to love me. Even though I do crazy things like crawl through the neighborhood. She doesn't understand it, but she accepts it. She has weathered the storm called "me" for twenty years. That is a blessing incapable of words.

I have two beautiful boys who also love me, AND think it somewhat normal that their dad can actually crawl for a mile. Can you imagine the conversations they might one day have at school? Can you imagine other little boys not ever even seeing their dad run, much less crawl?  

So In all my thinking this morning I realize this: I have everything I could ever want. My prayer has been answered. I am Superman. 

Don't freak out. I wear my underwear underneath my clothes, not on the outside. But, I can do, and be, whatever I want to do, and be. I am blessed. 

Here is my point: You can be Superman. You can be Wonder Woman, Wolverine, Batman, Spider-man, Cat Woman, Miss Marvel, Captain Marvel, Captain America. Whoever, whatever image you keep inside of you. It is there for a reason. Calling to come out. Nothing is impossible unless you concede that it is. You were made to be a superhero. That is a fact. Learn how to fly.

It's 9 am and my day is already fantastic. Have a great day!


Steve Freides said...

Tim, I'm 20 years older than you, and I've heard some of the conversations my two boys, ages 20 and 16, have about me.

It'll make you smile, and it'll make you laugh. Enjoy!

I am enjoying reading "Original Strength - not through it just yet, though, but I'm still delighted to recommend it to anyone and everyone.


Tim Anderson said...

I can't wait to hear some of the things they say. They already crack me up.

Thank you for feedback with OS. I really appreciate it.

Please keep in touch and let me know if I can help you with anything.


Justin said...

Happy birthday, Tim!

Jim Mara said...

Wow! Crawling for 40minutes is awesome! I get past 2 minutes and my quads are burning so I need to stop for a minute then resume, my rest intervals get longer and the work intervals get shorter after the first 2 minute set. Did it take you a while to build up to 40 minutes of crawling? Lastly, do you notice a difference in strength(core) a long with hip and lower back function as you kept increasing your duration? Jim

John G said...

Hi Tim,
Happy Birthday! You're catching up to me!
I really like your OS book. I have read it twice already. I have been doing ONLY OS workouts for about 2 weeks now. I want to do that for 3 months and see where it takes me.

Thanks for all of your help and take care my friend,

Tim Anderson said...


It took a few weeks or so ( i think ) to work up to 40 minutes. I really don't remember. The truth is if you can crawl for 10 minutes, you can crawl for 40!

And yes, I attribute all my strength to coming from crawling and the resets. The naked warrior pushup and the 135 pound getup came from crawling, And God!

Tim Anderson said...


Thanks, buddy! I appreciate you! Please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing!


Amy C said...

Happy birthday Tim! I really enjoyed 'Original Strength'. I re-read little bits from it almost daily. I've got two weeks of daily resets behind me and am really loving it - especially the crawling!

Funny - before I read your post I was wondering if this crawling thing would catch on, and eventually we would see people hitting the streets and parks for their daily crawl, just like people go out for their runs or walks.

When you crawl outside, do you wear gloves for hand protection?

Love your enthusiasm and positive attitude. Keep sharing your gifts with the world!

Tim Anderson said...


Thank you so much for the feedback for OS. I am really glad you liked it and find it helpful.

I have wondered too if crawling becomes the new fitness phase. AND, if I can help it, yes you will soon see people going out for their daily crawl!

It starts with one person. ;)

Thank you for reading my blog.

Please keep in touch.