Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Articulating Joints

Joints - we have them. Lots of them. There are 206 bones in the human body. Bones that are joined together at well, joints. Have you ever wondered how many total joints are in the body? I actually looked this up, the answer varies. So I'll just say that the body is simply full of joints. In the human foot alone, there are 33 movable joints. 

We are one big pile of moving joints. Do you know why we have so many joints? It is the same reason that we have so many muscles. Because we were made to move! Our entire design screams out  for us to "move!" Everything about us cries out for movement.

Our vestibular system ties us together through movement. Our muscles are strengthened and trained through movement. Our brains are developed and enhanced through movement. Our bones are connected through moving joints. Our digestive systems are even stimulated through movement. And our skin tells us of every detailed movement that it encounters. 

There is nothing about the human body that suggest that we sit motionless for most of our waking hours. There is nothing about us that suggest we  sit for anything more than a brief rest. Sitting is for resting, not living. 

Your body is supposed to be a fully functioning, strong, mobile masterpeice of movement. It is equiped with countless movement detectors and movement enablers. The only time we should ever be motionless for hours, if ever, is when we are asleep. I'm not sure about that though. Have you ever woken up with your head at the foot of the bed?

Your body was created for movement. Think about that. Most created things have a purpose. A watch is designed to tell time. A dishwasher is designed to wash dishes. A mover is designed to move. You are a mover. To not move is to deny your design. To deny your design is to starve your life. The physical key, the physical "secret" to living a healthy, strong life is movement. 

Feed your design. 


Aleks Salkin said...

You and I think exactly alike - I've pointed out the same thing before (our ridiculous amount of joints) to explain to people why they need to move so often.

Another great blog.


Tim Anderson said...

Aleks, we do seem to be pretty like minded! Although, you are one tremendous writer! Can't wait to come hang out with you soon.