Monday, September 20, 2010

A pressing issue

Kinda. I changed up my routines a little lately to give myself a break. I've been burning the candle pretty hot lately. So Im changing this week to be same but different and less. Less in my head anyways...

Today's training:

A1 - Hand Stand Push Ups - elevated on blocks: 5 x 8
A2 - Goblet Squats w/ 32kg: 5 x 7 sets
B - Explosive swings (might even say Hardstyle Swings!)
      24kg: 10 x 5 sets, then 32kg: 10 x 10 sets

I was not intending to do so many swings but they felt really good so I just rolled with it...

Did a little battling ropes action later today too. Pulled 600 feet in an awful position and did some velocity work. Mostly cause i'm crazy.

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