Saturday, December 4, 2010

Time passes so quickly

Wow, 40 days of easy strength ended and so did my frequent blogging! It's easy to keep a habit when you're focused I guess. My 40 day Dan John workout was a success. That is I completed it AND got stronger in my five chosen lifts. Thats a good thing. The bad thing, however, is that it awakened a sleeping beast that has been dormant for almost 8 years: traditional weight training. 

Since I was 13 years old, I have trained with weights. Over half my life, that was my joy. Then one day about 8 years ago, I found the kettlebell. It was a romance that was fast and furious. I completely gave up "weight training" for the kettlebell and its lovely ways. Now, after my 40 day experiment, I feel like I found a long lost love; an old flame. A lady that always drove me crazy. Her name - weight lifting. 

Wanna know what I've been doing after my 40 day workout was over? I've been weight lifting. I've touched the kettlebell a couple of times, but I keep sneaking off to lift weights behind the kettlebell's back. I'm so confused, so tormented. I'm having such a wonderful time! 

I've always enjoyed training. Always. But now, I'm in love with training. Again. It's weird. Didn't know I wasn't in love with it, until I noticed this strange new feeling I get when I look at that beautiful barbell. 

Yes, I'm crazy. Yes, I still love kettlebells. But there is room in my heart for weights too. 

So, this winter is the time for growth. I'm going to try to build some armor, as Dan John puts it. I'm going to keep playing with weights, and occasionally kettlebells. ;)

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