Monday, March 21, 2011


The Rugged Maniac 5k race is only a few weeks away. I have to say, I still hate running. I have tried to be faithful with two running sessions a week and honestly I just can't stand it. I love training and preparing for the rest of the race, its just that running thing that seems to annoy me. Oh well, I guess i'll just have to tough it out. 

Otherwise, training has been going great. Still enjoying my climbing tree. My strength seems to be going up too. It's getting easier and easier to scale up the ropes. I've also started velocity training again with the battling ropes. Nothing too crazy, I'm only doing about 10 minutes of waves. I figured battling ropes has to help with my conditioning a little bit since running seems so hard. 

I haven't really done any kettlebell work for training. I've been doing "Rugged" training. At least that is what i'm going to call it! So far so good, I feel great.

I'll update more on my Rugged training soon.

Have a good one.


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