Monday, July 18, 2011

Setting the Foundation

Becoming Bulletproof is a template, or system, for setting the foundation towards building a resilient body. The goal is to be physically capable of performing any task, or participating in whatever activity you enjoy, without getting injured or fear of injury. Or, being able to do whatever you want to because you are not injured and you have no movement limitations. Either way, Becoming Bulletproof is all about building a solid foundation on which to lay a strong, healthy, resilient body upon. 

Some people have asked me, what comes next? Can you integrate your strength training with your play sessions? Yes, yes you can. In fact, the Beyond Bodyweight Training System DVD John Brookfield and I made is the next step. Yes, the DVD came out before the book. As it turns out, filming a DVD is a lot quicker and easier than writing a book. Even a short book!

If you want to know more about the Beyond Bodyweight Training system check out this youtube clip. This is just a taste of what is inside the DVD. This is how you build serious strength as you "play". This is Becoming Bulletproof part 2 - 5!


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