Monday, August 8, 2011

What is your Health worth?

Your health should be worth something to you. After all, if you are not physically healthy, you probably will have a hard time really enjoying life. Being healthy unlocks a lot of the joys life has to offer like playing with your kids, going for beautiful mountain hikes, swimming in crystal clear waters, insert your favorite hobby here...

At it's heart, Becoming Bulletproof is about injury prevention, movement rehabilitation, and being physically healthy so that you can enjoy living. A healthy body enables a person to really enjoy and experience life. That is what this book is all about.

Which brings us back to the initital question, What is your health worth. I spent well over $15,000 to learn the material that we have put together in Becoming Bulletproof. Since Mike and I attended a lot of the same courses, that's probably over $30,000 in educational courses that we invested in ourselves. Was it worth it? Yes, every dime. Why did we do this? Ultimately, Because we value our health. Sure, we wanted to learn how to be great trainers and give our clients the best training experience they could find, but at the end of the day, Mike and I simply wanted to know how to become Batman and Superman. We wanted to know how to be bulletproof, the way we were meant to be.

We think we have made this simple discovery. We have poured our hearts into this simple book so that others could also learn how to become bulletproof and live a healthy life. To stay injury free, to regain their movements, to climb mountains. And, we've put all this information together for less than $10. While we value our educational process, the time and the investment it cost us, we don't think learning how to move should cost a fortune. After all, we are only reminding your body how to do what it is made to do.

But believe me, your health is well worth $10. Good health is priceless. It's a gift.
If you haven't read Becoming Bulletproof yet, maybe you should. You're worth it.

Take care!


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