Sunday, September 4, 2011

No shirt, no shoes, no gym - No problem!

Vacations are supposed to help you relax. For me, training is my relaxation. Vacation takes me away from my natural rhythm, my routine. At least it tries to. I'm too set in my ways to let throw me off track. Besides, if I were to relent and not train even if only for a little, I would probably not be so enjoyable to be around. This would not be good for anyone's vacation.

If you've read Becoming Bulletproof, you know that I like to "play" for a great deal of my training anyway. Vacation presents the perfect opportunity to play. When it comes to play, there all no rules. You are free to have fun as you see fit. And, you don't need a lot of equipment. If you've got a body and a place to stand (or crawl) you can have a great training session.

Here is yesterday's beach play session:

24k swings and pushups (yes, i brought my kettlebell to the beach!)
10 swings and 10 pushups x 10 rounds
24k Goblet Squats and pull-ups (i keep a jungle gym in my car - those things are great for travel.)
10 squats and 5 pull-ups x 10 rounds
I then went out on the beach to run some sprints
50 yard sprints x 10
Spiderman crawl x 100 yards for a cool down. People seem to stare at Spiderman crawling on the beach. I don't know why...

I spent the rest of the day throwing the frisbee into the wind and sprinting to catch it. It was a good day. My "play" session felt great and put me a great mood too.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!


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