Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kettlebell Fat Loss

Recently, my friend, Troy Anderson (no relation - by blood anyway!), asked me if I would check out his Kettlebell Fat Loss Training System.  All I can really is - Wow! Troy has put together an amazing amount of content and information. Troy’s website boast that he has left no stone unturned and I have to say that I believe he is right. 
Troy’s kettlebell fat loss program is great for anyone who wants to efficiently burn body fat and get in phenomenal shape. I think what amazed me the most about this program is that Troy provides so much information in so many different ways. For example, his workout manuals and templates are available by download, but you also get to download the follow-along videos. I like having both, I think that is great. Troy even includes awesome interviews with several nutritional gurus and the Godfather of Kettlebells himself, Pavel Tsatsouline. I thought Pavel’s interview was excellent. It was very neat to hear how the kettlebell revolution got started. 
As far as the actual Kettlebell Fat Loss Training System material goes, it is complete! Troy is providing over 5 months of short, intense workouts that combine kettlebell use with bodyweight training; a perfect combination. The workout sessions look great. They would make excellent “play sessions,” if you have subscribed to the Becoming Bulletproof methodology. Again, Troy has methodically combined the use of kettlebell training with bodyweight exercises for the purpose of building a stronger, leaner physique. Some days focus on strength training, others focus on fat burning and conditioning. The 300 workout (from the movie, 300) is even included in the program; this one is pretty intense! The plans are well laid out and easy to follow - they provide structure! You don’t have to think. You just show up, and get to work. In about 20 minutes, you’re done and on your way. Who doesn’t have 20 minutes a day to get into the best shape of their lives? 
The Kettlebell Fat Loss Training System is a great tool for anyone, at any fitness level.   Troy has even included extra step by step instructions and material for those people who may be new to kettlebells. I think that is great because a lot of people will not seek out a kettlebell instructor before they pick up a kettlebell; It happens. Troy has done a great job at providing those new to kettlebells with the information they need to get started. The workouts are also designed, and intended, to be easily progressed to fit any fitness level and grow with any newly obtained fitness levels. In other words, as you progress, so does the program. 
I believe Troy has truly put his heart into his Kettlebell Fat Loss Training System. He truly wants his clients to have every resource they could need to be successful in their fat loss burning goals. After a person purchases the Kettlebell Fat Loss Training System, they also get full support from Troy and his coaches through personal emails, facebook, and the Alpha Kettlebell Fitness Community. Troy is trying to provide a full service experience and build relationships. This is rare in today’s world and I really admire this because that is exactly the same thing Mike and I are trying to do with those of you who purchased Becoming Bulletproof: build relationships. Life is short and relationships are priceless. Troy knows this and it is evident. If you have a body fat goal and you get the chance, check out The Kettlebell Fat Loss Training System at http://www.kettlebellfatlosstraining.com/.


Unknown said...

Just found your website and really like it. I also just purchased your ebook. While it looks like a great book I am really disappointed that I am not able to print the book with Adobe Digital Editions and I am curious why that is?



Tim Anderson said...

Greg, thank you for checking out the book and my site.

I have to be honest, I know a little bit about training, but I know nothing about technology. I have no idea what Adobe Digital Editions is. I have Adobe reader and I can print the book from that, but I don't know about digital editions.

If it is something I can do on my end, I don't mind trying to fix it. But you may have to tutor me. Just let me know.

Thanks again.