Sunday, November 6, 2011

Infomercials and Six Packs

In the last 20 years there have been tons of infomercials promising abs of steel, or six-packs. These infomercials have made millions and millions of dollars by promising something they just could not deliver. But the blame is to be placed on us, the consumer, not the seller. We are the ones paying the money for lies. We are the ones WISHING for six-pack abs of steel.

No product can give you a six-pack, or abs of steel. That is fact. All those informercials promise to be the secret, the key, to achieving the abs you've always wanted. They are all right about one thing: there is a secret to having six-pack abs. The secret, however, is that YOU are the KEY to achieving your six-pack. YOU are THE secret to abs of steel.

Here it is: If you want a six-pack, or you want to be ripped, or whatever it is you want, you have to determine to achieve it. YOU have to decide to get it and then go after it. You can't WISH for a six-pack. You can't HOPE one day you'll be ripped. You can't possibly think that if you strap an electic girdle around your waist and sit around you can shock your stomach into being flat and fantastic in a few weeks. But, you can decide you WILL HAVE a six-pack and work to have one.

You are the secret to your health. You are the secret to having the body that you want to have.
Gimmicks and quick fixes only feed off your wishes and hopes. They promise you dreams and only give you frustrations. If you want a six-pack, if you want the body of your dreams, decide you will have it and then go get it. You'll have what you want if you are resolute in your decision and you work for it consistenly. You are the key, the secret, to your own success. You can do it.

Training yesterday was good.

I dragged a 95 pound chain forwards and backwards while spider-man crawling for 80 yards each direction.
I then pulled and pushed a 200 pound sled while wearing a 40 pound x-vest for 80 yards each direction - twice.
I then ran about a mile.

Felt good!

Hope you had a great weekend.


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Sebastian Müller said...

Great post & only the hard truth!