Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Go Natural

Our bodies are wonderfully made. We can run, jump, swim, climb, skip, crawl, and a host of other things I can't think of! We were made to traverse and conquer the world - the natural world.

You were made for the world you live in. That is cool. We have a host of physical attributes that allow us to engage and enjoy the world around us. When we train, it would make sense that we engage in activities that strengthen, or enhance, these athletic qualities.

Here is the question: Does your training enhance your athletic qualities? Are you improving your health and your abilites, or are you adversely effecting your health and abilites?

Think about it, Man knows he should be healthy. Man knows he should exercise. Man invents treadmills, pec decks, leg curl machines, and eliptical trainers. Man uses these things and loses the wonderful qualities he was made to have. Instead, if Man would go outside and run, or climb, or carry something, he would be adding to and improving his athletic qualities.

Let's take this a step further to really blow your mind. Man wants to be strong and muscular. Man invents dumbbells and barbells that are easy to hold. They fit almost perfectly in Man's hands. So, in an effort to build strength and become as strong as possible, Man creates weakness by fabricating easy to hold weights. Kind of a weird thought, I know. But we actually create gaps and weaknesses by training with man-made things ALL of the time.

I'm not saying to never dead lift, or bench press. I'm simply saying

1) Do those things add to your athletic qualities? Do they improve your quality of life? 


2) Learn how to go natural. Go outside and learn how to pick up rocks, learn how to swim, learn how to climb. Go outside and work with natural and/or awkward things. Don't create weaknesses by using things that Man made for ergonomic reasons and comfort.

In short, learn how to go Natural. If not all the time, some of the time. You may find that going natural revitalizes your training and opens a flood of creativity in your mind. You may also find that learning how to train "natural" enhances YOU: better athletic qualities, better quality of life, etc.

Today's training:

A1 - 90 pound sand bag squats: 10 x 10
A2 - Pull-ups: 10 x 5, then 5 x 5
B1 - Big Tire Flips: 5 x 10 ( i don't know how much it weighs, but it is big!)
B2 - Pushups: 10 x 10
C - Velocity with Battling Ropes x 10 minutes

Have a great day!



Sebastian Müller said...

Great Post!

Tim Anderson said...

Thanks, Sebastian! I hope you are doing well!