Thursday, June 21, 2012

Being Honest

Have you ever been lied to by someone close to you? It hurts. It makes you sad, it makes you angry. You feel betrayed. We hate being lied to. Especially by people that are close to us. Lying destroys trust, perhaps the most important thing in any relationship. 

I wonder why it is then, that we are such big liars? I'm not even talking about how we might lie to others, though it is odd that we would do that, especially given our own disdain for lies. We actually lie to ourselves. Think about this: if the closest person to you told you nothing but lies, you would be devastated when you found out. Why on earth would we then lie to ourselves? Yet we do it all the time! 

How many of us have said we are going to get up early so we can train, only to hit the snooze alarm three times and miss our training session? How many times have we had dessert when we told ourselves we were committed to losing that extra 15 pounds. How many times have we committed ourselves to exercising 3 times a week, yet we are lucky if we made it once. We simply lie to ourselves all the time. Why? If we lie to ourselves, how can we trust the very words that we speak or the very thoughts that we have? 

Lying destroys trust. 

Have you ever wondered why it might seem so hard to reach your goals? Why it is so hard to lose 20 pounds? Why you would rather not take medication for your blood pressure, yet you will settle on taking it because you just couldn't make yourself get up and move? Perhaps things are so hard for us because we simply just don't believe ourselves - or believe in ourselves. 

What would happen if you actually believed what you said? What would happen if you actually carried through with your thoughts? To keep this health related, i'll bet you could get into the best body you've ever wanted by simply following through with your promises. I'll bet if we were really honest with ourselves, we could find ourselves in tremendous health and vitality. 

Do you want to be healthy? Fit? Strong? Fast? Vital? Evaluate yourself: Your words, your thoughts, your actions. Just be honest. Start there. 

I am not perfect. I write about my own flaws and I usually don't write about anyone in particular. I am seeking growth, however. I am seeking more. Join me.


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