Friday, June 29, 2012

You Are Special

It is true. You are special. We all are. We don't always see it and we may not even believe it, but that doesn't make it not true. We really are special. Each of us matters. There is NOTHING that you do that does not effect someone else. Every action you make makes a difference somewhere in someone's life. We are all connected in someway. You are not insignificant enough to not make any change in this world! 

Our lives are perfectly mirrored by how the body works. Every single cell in your body is in someway tied to every-other-single cell in your body. There is simply nothing about your body that is not integrated to another part of your body. You are intricately woven together in a beautifully complicated way. In fact, even your thoughts elicit an impact on every cell of your body. NOTHING about your body is not affected by any part of your body. Everything about your body is tied together. 

Your life is the same way. You could look at the entire world's population as a whole body. Or, you could simply look at all of creation as a whole body. Everything you do with your life in some way affects the lives of others, the environment around you, and the course of history. You matter more than you think you do. So do your actions. 

I could write a book explaining this, but if you want more information, check out 1 Corinthians 12:12-27. I think this may do a better job than I ever could. 

Okay, what does this have to do with health? Great question. Your health affects the lives of others. More importantly, your health affects the lives of the ones you love the most. Do you have a spouse? Do you have children? Brothers? Sisters? Parent? Best friend? Yes, you do. 

You have a reason to be healthy. Does your health affect the lives of your children? You better believe it does. Can you play with them? Can you take them hiking, or go on a bike ride with them? Or, do you just watch them play? Or worse, do you set an example for them to follow in your footsteps, or lack of footsteps? Do your children see you always sitting around? Do they see you over eating? Do they see you exercise? Your children will do what they see you do. What kind of life do you want for your children? Be active! Move and play! Not just for you, but for your kids. 

Do you have a spouse? Do you love him/her? Do you want them to grow blissfully old with you, or do you want them to have to take care of you because you didn't take care of yourself? Worse, do you want them to grow old without you? 

My only point is this: you matter. Your health matters. You are special to someone. You should take care of yourself, not just for yourself, but because you also love the ones around you. 

Make time in your day to move around, to get some exercise. If you don't have time, get up 30 minutes earlier than you normally do and find an easy bodyweight routine you can do at home. Just do something. It doesn't have to involve a hyped up DVD, or an expensive gym membership. All you need is your body, a place to move, and a desire to change your health. This is crazy but it is true: if you improve your health and the quality of your life, you will probably also influence, if not improve, the health and quality of life of those people around you who love you. Again, you are special. You certainly matter. Take care of yourself.


Strength Nomad said...


Excellent reminder how the choices we make have such a rippling affect. Always enjoy reading your blog.


Tim Anderson said...

Thanks, C.J.

I really appreciate the feedback. I hope you are doing great.