Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fat Leopards

Have you ever seen a really fat leopard? I haven't. You probably haven't either. I will admit, all of the leopards I have seen have been from books, nature shows, and the internet. I can't say that I've seen too many in person. I can say though that I've never seen a picture of a fat leopard. I can also say that leopards are the picture of beautiful strength, grace and power. They are simply beautiful. 

Do you know why leopards are so graceful, powerful, and strong? Because they spend all of their time being leopards. They do exactly what leopards should do. They hunt, they play, they roam, they rest, they sleep, they climb, they prowl. They spend all of their time engaging in "leopard" things. That is their secret. That is why I've never seen a fat leopard!

Leopards do what we should do. Sort of. I don't mean that we should act like leopards, but we should act like man. We (man/woman) should also be graceful, powerful and strong. We were meant to be awesome! We were never meant to be obese, weak, lethargic, apathetic, or injured. We have not followed the leopard's example. Instead of engaging in the things, the life, that man (and woman) was meant to engage in, we have engaged in the things that were meant for rocks. What? Yes, we have followed the example of the rock instead of the example of the leopard; instead of the way of man. 

Man does a really good job of trying to live like a rock. We remain motionless for most of our day. We occupy one small space, one tiny peice of realestate, for much of our entire life. We act more like rocks than we do men and women. That is why we do not look sleek, athletic, strong, powerful, and graceful. We should be all of those things. We are men and women! We are meant to conquer mountains, to conquer rocks, not be rocks! If man would just act like man, if we would just engage in the things our bodies were designed to do, the things we were meant to do, we would be the picture of life! Leopards would not inspire us, but we would inspire leopards instead! Don't you see? We are supposed to be the picture of beautiful strength, grace and power.  Leopards are inspiring because we know that they have something we are supposed to have. The truth is, we have something the leopards should want. 

We are capable. That is, You are capable. You were meant to be strong, athletic, resilient, graceful, powerful, sleek, and confident. It is still yours to have. Get up. Stop living like a rock. Be a man. Be a woman. Be a conqueror. BE!


Sascha Pfeifer said...

Hi Tim,

wonderful post! I like your message very much!

To be what we are, can change our life in a better one!

Thanks again for this inspiring post.
Take care & best regards,

Tim Anderson said...

Thanks, Sascha! I am glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for reading.
Keep in touch,