Monday, February 18, 2013

Planting Seeds

We reap what we sow. Have you ever heard that before? It comes from Galations 6:7 - "...whatever a man soeth, that shall he also reap." There is a megaton of wisdom in that sentence. It applies to every thing we do in this life. In it simplest form, if we plant corn in the ground, we will grow corn; not apples. Or, If we only sow seeds from lemons, how can we expect to get peaches? In it's more complicated form, this phrase has huge ramifications when it comes to what we expect to yeild, or produce, from our lives in regard to how we are living. 

If I just lost you, let me ask you this: What are you sowing in your life? What seeds do you scatter around in your brain, in your heart? Are you planting seeds, or thoughts, or actions, that will produce the desired results, the desired life, you are looking for? 

We will reap what we sow. If we always go around saying things like, "I'm fat.", or "I'm lazy.", or "I'm just always so tired." we will have these things. We keep planting those thoughts in our heads, and they actually start to paint our expectations. What if we walked around thinking, "I'm strong.", "I'm not tired.", "I will be lean and mean!" What if we walked around saying these things? We would eventually believe them, and these thoughts would also shape our expectations which would then influence our outcomes. Do you plant thoughts into your head and heart for health, for strength? Or, do you plant thoughts in your head that foster weakness, sickness, and helplessnes? 

If you're not too big on the whole sowing thoughts in your head thing, that is okay. This works physically as well. What kinds of daily activities do you engage in? Do you deliberately move often and with purpose each day? Or, do you simply fill up a chair for the most part of your day? If you fill up a chair for many hours a day, you are planting a whole lot of deadly seeds, or weeds that you simply don't want. However, if you are sowing good movement throughout your day, you will reap the reward of being able to move well throughout your life. 

How about your food? What kinds of food do you sow into your body? Do you eat whole, natural, God made foods? Or, do you eat wrapped up, scientistized, souped up, processed "food." Is what you are putting in your mouth congruent with what you are hoping to achieve and become? Do you plant foods in your body for health and vitality, or do you plant foods in your body for sickness and disease? 

Our actions, our thoughts, our habits - they are all seeds. We plant them daily, We till the soil (our heads, our hearts, our bellies) and we harvest what we plant! We will get what we sow. It is a simple truth. It is a truth that can work for us, or against us. For you, or against you. Choose "for you." Think good thoughts. Listen to good words. Eat good foods. Engage in good movement. Get good sleep. Reap good living! It is so simple it is easy to miss! BUT, in case you have missed it: Quit thinking negatively. Quit listening to junk (most media). Quit sitting around all day. Quit eating processed, man-made foods. Quit staying up all night watching TV. Quit killing yourself!



Aleks's Courage Corner said...

Fantastic blog! "You reap what you sew" reminds me of "for every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction". The more you move, the more you remain full of life. The less you move, the quicker you begin to creep toward death. Your conscious decisions decide your body's reactions. Amazing how simple it is, and how easily people lose sight of it.

Tim Anderson said...

Thanks, Aleks! I always appreciate your contributions! You know that you and I are cut from the same cloth. I totally agree with you. Life is simple, maybe that is why we miss it so often?

Thanks again, buddy.