Friday, March 22, 2013

It's Not What You Know

You can know all kinds of things. You can know how to build a house. You can know how to keep your lights separate from your darks. You can know build muscle and burn fat. You can even know how to solve almost everyone's financial problems. But it is not what you know. It is what you do. 

We all know things: Good things, Right things, True things. But, we don't all do what we know. Doing is what changes your situation. Doing is what matters. Doing is the place where what you know is met and partnered with action. It doesn't matter what you know if you don't do. 

Tim, what are you talking about? 

Do you know how to eat healthy? Okay, tricky question. But, do you know how to eat "healthy" food? Sure you do. So, do you? Do you always act on your knowledge of how to eat healthy foods? Do you even act on that knowledge 60% of the time you make a food decision? Flip this around: Do you know that McDonalds is not serving grass-fed beef, baked french fries, natural whole-sprouted grain buns, and preservative free foods? Yes, you know you know this! Will you still eat there anyway? Will you let your kids eat there? Be honest. 

You see, it is not what we know. It is what we do. 

You know right now that spending 20 minutes a day getting in some good movement (walking, playing, exercising, biking, insert activity here) is very good for you. Will you do it, every day? Even if you know that good movement is the/a secret to youth, health and life? Did you know that? It is. 

Moving every day, like you were made to move, is the key to staying young, healthy and strong. Yes, even simple movements like crawling will help you retain and restore the body that you have wanted to own your whole life. It is true, and it is stupid-simple! Now, you know that. There is potential power in that knowledge. But the real power, the kinetic power, in that knowledge only comes with action. 

You have knowledge. Valuable knowledge. Will you act? 

Be honest. Will you move every day? Will you act and take the body, the health, you want to have? 

Most people have lots of knowledge; potentially powerful knowledge. But yet they don't use it. Don't be like most people. Be an outlier. Be a kinetic powerhouse. Be a doer. 

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