Sunday, March 10, 2013

Two Sides to Every Story

Imagine you had two sons. Son #1, you spend all your time with. You take him fishing, you play catch with him, you just love all over him. Son #2, you don't spend much time with at all. In fact you only spend time with him when you need his cooperation. Obviously, your relationship with Son #1 would be solid. It would feel natural and right. And, your relationship with Son #2 would pretty much be non-existant, it would be very forced and awkward at best. 

No one would do this on purpose, I know. I hope not anyway. However, we do this every day when it comes to our bodies. WHAT am I talking about? You have a dominant hand, say your right hand, you use it for everything. Guess what: you have two hands. At best you only use your non-dominant hand, say your left hand, when you need its cooperation. Your relationship with your left hand is just like the relationship with Son #2, forced and awkward.

If I haven't lost you yet, hang in there. Can you throw a football? Sure you can. Now, can you throw a football with your non-dominant hand? Can you throw it in a way that does not look like a "girl throw?" No offense to any ladies who may read this blog.  Why can't you throw well with your other hand? Because you don't spend anytime building a relationship between that hand and your brain. You have two hands, two feet, two sides. Most of us only spend time building a relationship with our dominant hand, foot, or side. As a result, using the other side of our body is very awkward, clumsy, and just plain difficult.

Hold on, this gets deeper. By not using our non-dominant hand, by not cultivating a relationship with our non-dominant side, we are neglecting half of our brain. The opposite side of your body is controled by the opposite side of your brain (Think in terms of an X. The X shows up everywhere in your body.)  If you don't use your left hand, for example, you are starving the right side of your brain. And, you are missing out on nourishing your brain, making neural connections, thus making your brain more efficient. The more nourishment your brain receives, the healthier and more efficient your brain becomes -> the more efficient your body becomes. 

Basically, learning how to use both sides of your body makes a healthier, smarter, happier brain which leads to a healthier, more powerful, more graceful body. Yes, the simple act of learning how to throw a football with your left hand can improve your health - globally. Learning how to kick a ball with your left foot can make you stronger. Learning how to brush your teeth with your left hand can make you smarter. 

You have two sides. The more time you spend developing a relationship with your non-dominant side, the more capable you become. You will be able to think better, move better, and perform better. Think of it this way:

There are two sides to every story. When both sides of the story match up, you have a solid, reliable story. You have harmony and you have a good foundation.
Your body is so amazing. Learn how to use it and enjoy it in all the ways it was meant to be used.  


John G said...

Hey Tim,
Once again another excellent, down to earth, thought provoking post!

How are you pal?


Tim Anderson said...


It's good to hear from you. I am well! Hope that you are, tool. How are things going?