Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Progress

Well, it's been another week of Power to the People. I've been waving down 10 lbs at the start of each week for my dead lifts and side/bent presses. Instead of going through each day, I thought i'd just post how the week ended. The progression has been steady and surprising.

DL w/ 285 lbs x 5 - felt easier than 275 lbs did the other day!
DL w/ 260 lbs x 5
Bent Press w/ 80 lbs x 5/5 - this is great! I only got it 3 times last week and probably should have waved the weight down lower at the start of the week.
Bent Press w/ 70 lbs x 5/5

Also, still been practicing snatches and Long Cycle Clean and Jerks. I really enjoy these practices. I feel the movements are crisp and I'm staying fresh.

So that's it. This week has stayed on track. I plan on continuing w/ PTTP for another 3 weeks, then taking a break. That's the plan...

Today, I just did some very focused Z and windmills w/ 16kg. Trying to stay loose and flexible.

Oh, I'm in the mountains on a small vacation and it snowed! In NC, it was snowing. Just 2 days ago it was 78 degrees! I love this state.

Have a good one!


Shawn Manning said...

Breathe some of that fresh mountain air for me. May want to talk with you about doing a workshop. Let you know after Thanksgiving. Shawn

Tim Anderson said...

Shawn, I will but the air is cold! Talk to you soon. Have a good Thanksgiving.

Franz Snideman said...

Keep it going brother!

WoodallsFitness said...

Hey Tim,

Sounds like your training is doing awesome. Lets workout together sometime bro!


Tim Anderson said...

Thanks Franz. I will set her down soon.

James, just let me know when.