Thursday, November 8, 2007

Second Verse, Same as the First!

As you might imagine, this week's routines look pretty much like last week's. That's kind of how this works. Nothing fancy or flashy, just a steady pace. Yes, it's the KISS principle. I'm keeping it simple, thanks to Pavel...

DL w/ 255 lbs x 5
DL w/ 230 lbs x 5
Side press w/ 65 lbs x 5
Side press w/ 60 lbs x 5
Followed up with snatches again (just for practice, less I forget...)
16kg x 25/25, 25/25, 25/25

DL w/ 260 lbs x 5
DL w/ 235 lbs x 5
Bent press w/ 70 lbs x 5
Bent press w/ 65 lbs x 5

Pull ups b/w sets: 5,5,5,5

DL w/ 265 lbs x 5
DL w/ 240 lbs x 5
Side press w/ 75 lbs x 5
Side press w/ 65 lbs x 5

NW leg raise b/w sets: 5,5,5,5

DL w/ 270lbs x 5
DL w/ 245 lbs x 5
Side press w/ 80 lbs x 1! - No go bro. Just got one rep each side. Unexpected...
Side press w/ 70
lbs x 5 - No problem here. 10 lbs makes a big difference.
Followed up with Long Cycle C&J (for practice)
w/ 2(16kgs) x 15,15,15,10

Tomorrow was to be another go at the bent press with 85 lbs. However, I may need to rethink that one. I may need to set 'er down. We shall see, I may have had an off day today!


Friday Morning...
DL w/ 275 lbs x 5 - this felt so heavy :(
DL w/ 245 lbs x 5
Bent Press w/ 80 lbs x 3 each side. I had to try...
Bent Press w/ 70 lbs x 5

Now I will rest a couple of days and evaluate.
Have a good weekend.


Dustin Silveri, RKC said...

Nice DL'ing!!!

Im trying to get back into it as well.

Deadlifting makes you feel good afterward!

my blog is back... you can link to it if you want.

hope everything is going good!

Tim Anderson said...

Dustin! Where've you been? How's is going.

Franz Snideman said...

Looking good brother! I'm still checking in to see how your business is doing? Any thoughts on completing the article?

What about your PT business at the gym? You were offered a managerial position, right?

Tim Anderson said...


Things are going well. (At least i guess they are!) It was/is a managerial PT position. Not really much to it other than juggling schedules and payroll for trainers. However, it has allowed me to get some really good exposure at the club and I can feel the kettlebell "fever" starting to spread. It feels like i'm about to become busier anyway...

I need to call you about the article.