Monday, February 2, 2009

How do you move?

Or, how don't you move? If we move well, we perform well. Conversely, if we move poorly we don't perform so well. This applies to all the movements we make. Not just the ones we make when we train. But just for fun, lets look at the movements we make while we train.

If you're like me, you like numbers. Numbers give us information. Like, "I just did 50 swings." I like numbers because I can measure my progress with numbers. However, what if that "progress" I just measured was performed horribly, or at least with not-so-great form. What if I get injured because the numbers I strive so hard to reach are performed poorly. My poor movements could actually get me injured. If I'm injured, I can't perform so well. Also, I don't feel so well either.

What if, instead of focusing on numbers, I focused on quality movements? What if I stopped swinging the kettlebell while my form was still perfect? Or, I put the bell down just prior to my form diminishing? I would certainly be less likely to get injured. Also, I'm pretty sure I'd feel pretty good as well.

Now lets step away from training a bit. Good, quality movement can actually take the "brakes" off your body. It opens the door for increased strength, better range of motion, increased energy, and freedom from annoying pains (the pains caused by bad movements). Good movement can even improve your mental focus and your ATTITUDE.

So how do you move? Do you slouch when you sit or walk? Do you keep your head down when you walk? Do you squat with your feet turned out like a duck? Can you squat? Can your shoulders move in all the directions God intended them to? Do your joints ache? Or better yet, are there movements you could do when you were younger that you can no longer do? Learn to move well. Learn how to own all the movements of all the joints in your body. Learn your body, teach it to move well. Take the brakes off and perform at your best.

Sorry, for the movement rave. I'm just so excited about the body and its capabilities. We are truly wonderfully made.


Shawn Manning said...

Bout time you came back online. Great seeing you this weekend. I think my nervous system is starting to recover. Shawn

Tim Anderson said...

What can I say, you inspired me...
I had fun, we'll have to do it again soon. I have you foam by the way.

Anonymous said...

Nice article, Tim! You should send it to info@Z for the newsletter. See you in the AM! :)

Tim Anderson said...

Thanks Sarah! I appreciate the encouragement. See you tomorrow.