Monday, February 9, 2009


Many of us find it hard to start a "lifestyle habit" and maintain it. When I say "lifestyle habit" I am referring to diets, exercise programs, or anything else we are pursuing to better ours lives. It is easy to think these lifestyle habits are hard to maintain because we lack discipline. But I think discipline is something that none of us lack. We are full of it. Most of us get up and go to work everyday. Most of us take care of our children everyday. Most of us take care of several other responsibilities everyday. None of us could do any of these things if we lacked discipline.

We all have discipline. And, we all get lots of reps in cementing that discipline each week when we carry out our normal daily task. Maybe its hard for us to make lifestyle changes because we have SO many reps in doing the things we always do. Or, maybe when we think we want to make a change, it is just a thought and not really a decision. It would be hard to overcome so many reps of being ourselves when we have really only thought about making a change. To truly change and make a new lifestyle habit we have to make a decision; we have to choose to change. Then, we have to start performing lots of reps that will help us change.

Yes, it is hard losing weight. But you can do it. Yes, it is hard to quit smoking. But you can do it. Yes, it is hard to train 4 times a week. But you can do it. Change is not easy, but you can do it. You have the discipline to do anything you want to do.
Its up to you. Good news, right?

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