Thursday, August 6, 2009


Well, yesterday Betsy Collie and I started filming our kettlebell DVD. If nothing else, this is turning out to be an experience. It is amazing how much brain power I lose when I am supposed to talk in front of a camera. Even though I thought I was relaxed, words could not come out of my mouth in the right way at the right time. Oh well, I hope the producers are great at editing. If the weather cooperates, we should finish filming next week. Betsy is a blast to work with. She is good people.

My workouts have not been great since I attempted my Battling Ropes Level 2 cert. My body is trashed. I even got sick with a wicked head cold. Even the little bit of training we did for the DVD wiped me out. Now that the Ropes cert is over, I plan on focusing on Kbells and sprints a little more. We will see. Shiny things distract me.


Mark Reifkind said...

nice job tim. can't wait to see it. people don't realize how hard it is to speak in front of the camera. no easy task at all. congrats on the dvd!

Tim Anderson said...

Thanks Rif! We hope to have it out soon. I never knew I had a stuttering problem until now!

It is good to hear from you. I'm hoping I'll get to see you at an RKC cert in 2010.

Rapid Results Fitness - Betsy Collie said...

Tim you are TOO hard on yourself my man!!! You have taught me ALOT in just a few short visits! I can't wait til next week! It is a BLAST working with you as well! Gotta love those fire ants!!! Am I smiling? Am I smiling now? How's your windmill coming along??? HAHA! I have flash backs of the outakes, I'm laughing right now!

Tim Anderson said...


I practiced my windmills this morning, thank you very much! Don't worry, no more cold medications while we are filming.

Oh, I did 10 minutes of TGUs with the 32kg in your honor this morning.

Rapid Results Fitness - Betsy Collie said...

whoa, you'll be doing the human get up in no time!!! You and Addie celebrate the "good" news tonight. Tell her I too have that back "wiggle"