Saturday, April 10, 2010

Just Move!

First, I apologize. I'm a horrible blogger. Second, if you have found yourself on my blog, thanks for stopping by. A friend of mine told me to get off my butt and update my blog. So, here goes....

You want to be healthy? You want to get strong? Just start moving. It doesn't matter if you want to use a kettlebell, a barbell, or a Solo Flex machine (yeah, a throw back!), just move. Find a training modality you like, find a training system you like and apply it. The body is an amazing, resilient creation. And, it can be complicated, but it's not that complicated. The secret to health is movement.

It's been a while since I've posted, so here is a little recap about me: I like kettlebells, that's my tool of choice. I also like bodyweight training. I do both. I don't do anything, i don't enjoy (training wise ;) ). I don't believe there is ONE "right way" to train. I do believe there are smart ways to train. And, conversely, I believe there are not so smart ways to train.

For instance, getting a fitness magazine, pulling out the poster, and following the workout on the poster so you can look like the guy in the poster. I don't think that is smart. That guy probably doesn't even do that workout either. In fact, i'm not sure following anything out of a fitness magazine is smart.

Anyway, big tangent there... If you want to be healthy, start moving. Learn how to move your body. Get your joints moving. Learn how to do a pushup. That is HUGE! Can't do a pushup? Learn how to start crawling around until you are strong enough to do a pushup. You can get amazingly stronger and "healthier" just by getting off the couch and crawling around on the floor. AND, you have NO business trying to bench press if you can't even do a good pushup. What is the sense in that? It's almost as crazy as putting a bar on your back and trying to squat when you can't even do a bodyweight squat. It's just crazy.

Learn how to move your own body first. If you just don't know how, or don't know where to start, hire a trainer. The point is, move. Find out how to move. Start moving and then get good at moving. In doing so, you will create all kinds of good changes and lay a foundation for fitness, health and strength.

Have a good one.

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