Saturday, October 1, 2011

Its More than a Physical Thing

When Mike and I set out to write Becoming Bulletproof, we had been living out our ideas for over a year. We were pretty confident we had found something quite wonderful. About half way through the process of writing the book, Mike suffered an unfortunate accident. With over 300 pounds on his back, he fell through a floor and tore all the tendons off of both his knees, and his right knee cap was broken. His knees were pretty much destoyed. As horrible as this sounds, I think Mike was quite remarkably spared from a terrible spinal injury. At any rate, Mike suffered a horrific physical injury, one in which he was told he would never be able to walk without the use of a cane.

Mike has a passion for health, fitness and all things related to exercise. He was a competitive bodybuilder and a competitive strongman, as well as a phenomenal trainer. When he was injured, all of those things were taken away from him. Or so it seemed. Mike suffered more than a physical injury, Mike suffered from a huge mental injury. Mike's heart and passion were ripped away along with the tendons around his knees.

Becoming Bulletproof is more than just a physical journey or a physical state. It can also be a mental journey as well. We can not control all the many things that life will throw at us, if not hurl at us. But we can control how we will respond and react to the things life lays at our feet. I will not lie, Mike was wounded. His spirit was crushed and he will tell you himself that at times, he seriously contemplated ending his life. But, he didn't. He fought. Each and everyday, Mike made the decision to keep fighting. Each day, he tried to regain a little mobility and strength back in his legs. Each day, Mike held on for another day, a better day.

It was not easy, but Mike, through his will and determination, has rehabbed his legs back beyond all his doctors and therapists expectations. He did not let their prophecies limit his potential. He refused to yield to their expected limitations. Instead, Mike daily practiced the principles that we laid out in Becoming Bulletproof. But more than that, he daily practiced the decision to engage and fight for another day.

It has been a little over 6 months sense Mike's injury and today he can spiderman crawl, squat with well over 235 pounds, and perform glute-ham raises again; he can do the things he loves. In fact, Mike is determined to compete again in strongman competitions and he is well on his way. He has no doubt that he is closing in a 400 pound-plus squat again. I know he is right, he will do it. He is mentally bulletproof.

We all have our own issues and face our own challenges. It is what we decide to do and how we decide to react to those challenges that determine our potential. We are not limited by our circumstances. We are only limited by ourselves and the decisions that we make. Nothing in our lives is set in stone.

If becoming bulletproof is your quest, remember, it is a journey and you are the navigator. Remember too, that becoming bulletproof is more than a physical journey. It is a mental and spiritual journey as well. Where the mind and heart go, the body will follow.

Whatever your quest, fight the Good fight.

Have a great weekend.



Chuck said...

I posted this on my blog a while back. If Mike hasn't seen it to him when he needs a pick me up. Or anyone else for that matter.

Tim Anderson said...

Thanks Chuck,

I will forward this to Mike.