Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cold Water Dousing

Cold weather is here. Sick / flu season is here too. A friend of mine uses cold water dousing to stay "sharp", and sick-free. He claims he hasn't even had a cold in years. 

Last year, with much of his encouragement, I gave cold water dousing a try. Well, first I researched it to see if it would (a) kill me, and (b) help keep me well. I couldn't find too much information about it but I did find that it supposedly raises body temperature to about 108 degrees thus killing any bacteria or viruses that might be inside of you. One reference I found said that dousing raises testosterone levels (cool) and other hormones. Oh, I also found out that it could kill me too, if my heart was weak. 

Anyway, I will never forget the first time I doused. I had a bucket filled with ice water and I stood in the shower as scared as I could possibly be. It felt like I stood there holding the bucket for 10 minutes trying to get up the courage to pour it over my head. Finally, I did it. It was not as cold as I thought it would be, it was worse! It was also euphoric. I felt invisible. I also thanked God several times for not letting it kill me. The cool thing about dousing was that at that moment, I knew then that I was crazy enough to do anything. 

My friend was proud of me but I didn't do it right. He said to truly do it, I had to do it outside in the cold. So, with his prompting, again, I did it a few days later outside at about 6 am in the dark (didn't want the neighbors to see). It was 15 degrees outside and I had a bucket of frigid water. I poured it over my head and again, I felt euphoric. The water actually felt warm, for a second. 

I doused everyday after my first douse last year. In fact, I doused until July. I eventually stopped then because It was so hot here, my refrigerator couldn't make enough ice to get my water cold enough. Whether or not dousing boost the immune system, or whether or not it raises testosterone levels, it doesn't matter. I believe it does make you tough. A person that can could water douse in the middle of winter, is a capable person. 

The cold weather is here. It is time to douse! I'm not telling you to give it a try, I'm just telling you to entertain the thought. It can be a powerful tool. If not for the body, for the mind.   


Sebastian Müller said...

Hello Tim,

I do "cold water dousing" too, but a other style of it. Not the hardcore way... :)

I begin dousing with warm water for 1 minute and than i switch to 1 minute cold than again warm and so on. I do this for 5 - 10 minutes and i feel great after doing this.

best greetings,

Tim Anderson said...


I don't know. If the water is cold enough, standing under it for a minute can be torture! That can be pretty hardcore. I'm a slow pourer, but I don't pour for a minute. You're right, It does make you feel great though.

Thanks for posting.