Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Farmer Strength

When I worked as a firefighter, if someone was really strong, freakishly strong, we would call them "farmer strong". Have you ever met a farmer who wasn't strong as an ox? Most farmers I can think of, or that I ever knew, were average sized guys and they really didn't stand out much. At least until something had to be picked up, carried, or moved.

I have seen wirey looking farmers out work and out lift (basically out perform) very lean, muscular men who spend there time in the gym. Farmers are not genetic freaks. They don't have special powers that other people can't possess. Farmers are just so strong because they work. They perform "real world" tasks that requires them to use their bodies the way it was intended.

Farmers have real, "functional" strength. They have this strength because they use their bodies daily. Their lives consist of picking things up, moving things, throwing things, etc. They may not look the healthiest because of their diets or because they are out in the sun all day, but they are by far capable of out working most people in the modern world.

This is just an observation I have. I could be completely wrong, but If you want real strength, or you want to be able to improve your performance, you could learn a lot from a farmer.

Today's training session was kinda cool and fun:
1. Beat the crap out of a tire with a 10 pound sledge hammer for 10 straight minutes. I've never done this before. It was pretty fun. Do farmers do this?

2. Battling Ropes for 10 minutes (velocity). This I have done before. It gets the blood flowing.

3. Ran for 10 minutes. Focused on driving my arms. Trying to really make the shoulders and hips work together like they are designed to do. This was a good run. About 1 1/2 miles in 10 minutes.

That is it. Have a great week!


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