Saturday, December 3, 2011

Being Capable

Last night, my family set out to find our Christmas tree at the same tree lot we've been going to for over 10 years. It is our little tradition. Every year, my wife and I pick out the perfect tree while my kids play tag and run through the "tree maze." And, every year, the same man puts out tree on top of our SUV. 

This gentleman has run this tree lot for years. He even has a sign that boasts that his tree lot is the oldest tree lot in town. He has to be close to 75 years old, if not older. He is a little hard of hearing, but he is still able to take an 8 foot tree and toss it up on an SUV. He is capable. He has stood the test of time. 

If this gentleman has a secret to his longevity and ability, it is simply that he has worked all of his life. He works with wood. He has a shop and he creates things. He picks up wood, works magic with his machines and he creates. There are no chairs in his shop. He uses his body all day. But don't miss this: he creates. He uses his brain all day too. His secret to health and longevity has 2 ingredients. 

1. He uses his body like it was made to be used.
2. He uses his brain like it was also intended to be used. He thinks, he imagines, he creates.

And because of this, in his golden years, he is still capable. To be honest, he is not quite as fast with the Christmas trees as he was 10 years ago, but he still has it. He still does the things he loves to do. He is LIVING. 

When I grow up, or when I reach the years that this man has reached, I still want to be able to throw Christmas trees on top of an SUV. I still want to be capable and stand the test of time. I want to LIVE and not just be.

Today's Workout was great!

I put on a 40 pound X-vest and performed the following:
Farmers walks with 144 pounds x 80 yards x 2 trips
Suitcase carries with 72 pounds x 80 yards for each hand
90 pound sandbag carry x 80 yards x 6 trips
Between all of the above trips, I performed 10 pushups in the weight vest for a total of 100 pushups.
Then, 200 pound sled drag x 80 yards x 2 trips
200 pound sled push x 80 yards x 2 trips

Covered some good ground today!

Have a great weekend.


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