Monday, March 12, 2012

MoveNat Workshop

Yesterday I had a great day. I attended a MovNat Workshop in Durham, NC. It was fantastic! I spent the whole day yesterday thinking how cool it was that I was playing around on a playground.

MovNat is all about moving the way man was intended. In our current world, we are so far removed from moving how we were created to move. MovNat introduces man's movement base back to man.

I know I've preached about moving the way we were created before on this blog and in Becoming Bulletproof, but the guys at MovNat are preaching the same thing! If you haven't gone outside to play yet, maybe it is time you start. There is something wonderful about moving and exploring our environment. It can solve a ton of "issues" that we face today. But, I won't preach this today! I will tell you about all the cool stuff we did yesterday. However, I will not go into too much detail as I think it would benefit you to go and experience MovNat for yourself:

Balance - how often do you walk on balance beams, tree branches, or walls? Not only can this be a fun thing to do, it could end up being a life saving skill one day. Do you know anyone who could not use better balance? MovNat has some very cool and innovative ways to train balance. I was surprised how much fun I had doing these drills. 

Climbing - I'm a big fan on being able to climb. Yesterday I learned that I'm a big fan of being able to climb effortlessly. Wow. I have been introduced to a whole new level of play. Climbing is a balance between strength, movement efficiency and grace. Your kids know how to climb. Go climb with them.

Rolling and Crawling - It will be no surpise that this was my favorite part of the workshop. Mostly because MovNat gets it! We start out doing this and we should keep doing this. I don't know that crawling and rolling are used in the restorative way that we lay out in Becoming Bulletproof, but If you are rolling and crawling everyday for fun, you are being restored. Get down on the floor and play more. It is good for you.

Running - Okay, this was really cool. MovNat has a quick and simple approach to barefoot running. It is quick to learn and it just feels good. Yes, running can feel good. Nay, running should feel good!

I pick things up and put things down! - MovNat does this too. Why? Because you were made to so you might as well know how to do it.

Again, the MovNat workshop was a blast. My instructors were Clifton Harski and Amy Heidbreder. They were great. They really have a passion for moving and teaching people how to move.

If the movement and play ideas of Becoming Bulletproof or Pressing Reset resonated with you, the movement concepts of MovNat will too. Check out a workshop if you can. It is a great excuse to be a kid for about 8 hours. It could also help you stay a kid for a lifetime. Check it out at


Did somemore Turkish Get-up Practice Today:

Barbell: 65 pounds x 2/2, 85 pounds x 2/2, 105 pounds x 1/1, 1/1,
115 pounds x 1/1, 85 pounds x 3/3

135 pound get-up is on the horizon!

Have a great week!


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