Wednesday, March 7, 2012

You are what you eat

There may be some truth to that. I don't think many people would argue that the food you eat determines a great deal about how you look, feel and perform. Nutrition is pivotal for a healthy body. 

Movement is also pivotal for a healthy body. In fact, you could even say "you are what you do", or "you are how you move." If you don't move a lot, you might end up quite lumpy and lethargic. If you move a lot, you will probably be fit, feel good, and have a healthy body composition. Movement is like an elixir for your body. It keeps you young, lubricates your joints, gets toxins out of your muscles, helps with your digestion, it regenerates you. Conversely, not moving ages you, it promotes joint degeneration, short and tight muscles, poor posture and poor quality of life. 

There are so many things you can do to improve the quality of your life. Here are just a few things that will keep you younger, healthier, happier:

Eat well. Make smart food choices. You don't have to eat perfect, but be honest with yourself and try to put quality foods in your body.

Move well and often. Get out of the fetal position. You spent 9 months curled up inside your mom's belly. After you got out, you were meant to stretch out and explore the world. So, get up and stretch out! Move and enjoy your environment, enjoy your body.

Be social. We were made for community. It is easy to isolate yourself in today's technologically advanced world. Learn how to engage in other people's worlds. Learn how to love others and develop a community of friends, brothers, comrades, or amigos. You were never intended to put yourself in solitary confinement. Yes, I am telling you to go join a bowling league! 

Get to know God. You want to find a way to relieve your stress and improve your quality of life? Develop a relationship with God. There is nothing like love to cure what ails you. Especially perfect Love. 

Training has been going well. I am still playing with heavy turkish get-ups. I worked up to 120 pounds this week with both arms. I think 135 pounds is in the future. Gotta have something to shoot for!

Have a great week.


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