Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Where does the time go?

If you are a regular reader, I am sorry its been a couple of weeks since I last posted. Also, if you are a regular reader, thank you very much!

I haven't posted in a while because, in my head, I've been busy. I have no real good excuse except for all the things I allow to occupy my time. I have been trying to put together a manual for the first Becoming Bulletproof workshop, but that isn't what has kept me from posting. 

If anything, I've been playing around on local playgrounds. The time I would normally sit down and write a blog post kind of got replaced by me trying out some of the new skills I learned at the MovNat workshop I attended. I have really enjoyed playing around on playgrounds. If I am being honest, this is probably the biggest reason I have neglected to write anything lately. Also, if I am still being honest, this is a good reason I have fallen short in my posts! I've been out enjoying movement!

If you live anywhere where your weather is good enough to allow you to get outside, you should go find a place to just enjoy movement. It doesn't have to be a playground. Maybe you like going to wooded trails or canoeing. It doesn't matter, just get out and enjoy moving.

Movement is one of the great gifts that makes life "life". And remember, it is okay to not answer a facebook post here and there if you have a good reason like climbing on monkey bars. 

Have a great week.



Anonymous said...

Great to have more of your writings. I can relate to movement and exercising taking over blog time, sometimes it's just too much fun! I hope the workshop goes well, another opportunity for people to experience your book sounds fantastic. Hope you're been outside before this comment crosses your screen, I'm going out cycling myself ;)

Tim Anderson said...


Thanks for the message. The workshop went great. Thank you for thinking about me.

It was a beautiful day here today. So yes, I was outside!

Take care my friend,