Friday, June 15, 2007

Simple Life Part 1

Why do we always try to make things so complicated? If something seems complicated, does it make it seem better, smarter, or more effective? For instance, eating and nutrition. Is this really as complicated as all the diet books and media make it seem? I really don't think so. I think nutrition is supposed to be simple. If it grows naturally the way God made it, it is probably good for you. Eat it. Eat what you need, then move through out the day. Eat whole foods and move. Sounds simple. I think it actually works. People don't like simple though, we want complicated. We want new diet books, we want new exercises, we want magic bullets. Perhaps we are just supposed to live the simple life. We complicate everything. EVERYYHING: we complicate exercise, we complicate eating, we even complicate God. We want rules, regualtions, and hoops to jump through. But maybe all we really need is to move (or exercise if you wish), eat smart, and love God. Sorry, i know this started out about nutrtion, but nothing is simple. Right?


Dustin Silveri said...

hey man its good to see a blog from you!

it was a fun time last weekend! stay in touch.

Tim Anderson said...

hey dustin, I saw your swing routine on Rif's blog. Brutal.

Last weekend was awesome. my head is still in the clouds...

Dustin Silveri, RKC said...

Heck Yes!

Hannah said...

Hey Dude:
It sure is good viewing your blog.It's really on the down and low, you know. More power to you!

Part 1 re:the human species quest for superior efficacy culminating in complicated life styles is, well,... food for thought. Quite provocative Will there be a Part 2?

Are you a nutritional Intake gu ru. Or an aerobics exerciser teacher? And what are your rules, regs and hoops?

Do you play basketball?

Tim Anderson said...


You're going back a bit, huh?

There may be a part 2 if part 1 ever ends.

Guru? No. Just me.
Aerobics? Never. Ever...

Rules and regs? The Golden Rule.

Basketball? Really? Just because I'm white doesn't mean I can't play. ;)

Hannah said...

Tim O Thee Timmy:

I'm on the down and low, too. Because I am slowing down and tendoning my peace. God wants that. Sometimes He is mysterious and feels out of reach with His directions but we are all Blessed and will never take anything for granted, literally and figuratively speaking.

While we hear and see what He is revealing, there is no reading in between the lines. It is unconditional Love. Just like swinging the Bell. It is planned Love. Like an awesome workout. You do know this deep down because you are my trainer.

Speaking of Light, You recently entered the KBell into my life and with that same strength you entered God and Jesus into my life.

Even before He came into my life, vessel ed in you, I loved Him and he loved us back

Nothing else; Nothing between the lines. You taught me that with the kettle bell. The KBell, for me is Power, Grace and Honesty In Movement.

I hope that is what I am infecting, and nothing more.

Sorry for blogging longing. I just couldn't grip it in anymore.

Is it appropriate to read and interact with older postings on a blog?

Tim Anderson said...


Thank you. I am humbled by your words.

All I know to say is that God is simply Awesome. Words can not describe, nor can my mind fully comprehend a Love so wonderful. Simply Awesome.

I hope you start to feel better soon.

As to writing on older blogs, if it makes you happy, all is well. Of course you can always just email or call me...