Friday, June 29, 2007

Tension is Strength

I thought this was worth mentioning... The other night at the fire deptartment we were dispatched with EMS for assistance with lifting a patient. As usual the patient was upstairs and had to be carried downstairs, outside, and then placed in the ambulance. Also as usual, I was the one going backwards down the steps holding the end of the back board. This is the posistion that gets most of the weight and stress.

Going down the stairs I felt very nervous and unsteady as I was carrying a lot of weight. Then for some reason I started thinking about what I learned at the RKC: Tension is strength. So I took a breath in through my nose, braced my abs, clinched my butt, and tightened my whole body. Suddenly I felt solid, I felt strong. The patient felt light. The only thing that would have made it better is if I had tightened up before I ever lifted her. Never-the-less, lesson learned. Tension is strength.


Mark Reifkind said...

niiice, dude. real world applications of the principles are really what this is all about. excellent.
cute pic of your son as well.

Tim Anderson said...

It was an ah-ha moment for me. i'm getting it...

Hannah said...

Tension and Strength. I believe it is, too.

When the body is exhausted. Therefore, mind and brain. Should one kettle?

I want! and it feels good.
'Am weary and tired, too.

In addition to increased synthroid dose. Taking pain meds for (1stof3) dental visits to repair jawbone that face planted on top of SnowShoe. But, I'm dying to work out.

Since my state of being is unable to train on Thurs. w/ you,(feel that, buddy?) could you template a Kettleworkout for me, please, Tim? (A good and nice one. I am still waiting on my 400 acres and the Sow)Ok...ask your accomplice, Mr. Pear what that refers.

My energy and exuberance. Vacillating at best. 'Am looking forward to getting back on schedule with our/us training.

You are still the best trainer I have ever had. Next to God. (I mean under him). I'm just really tired, as is my eyes.

OH!!!!!!! Cool little battling video snippet, TImmy. I laughed way to much. Z-Health's Mr. Kev w/ the Pe. deserves an academy award. (He prob'ly won't get it, tho'.)The Happy Buddah is the Fiercest Warrior; He got my vote. The other fella in black...well, I believe I match him arm for arm. leg for leg. Very cute, though. And that's 93%.

And you? Hm..When you figure date for follow-up training session, let me know. Because you will need to be prepared. Very prepared. Meanwhile, be afraid. Verrryyy afraid.

Fear is tension too. Unfortunately. But All will be all right. And you don't frighten me in the least. I will t ame the beast before you do.

Be good and be.

OH Yeh. A good book a friend rec'd. When Jesus Went to Harvard. Don't know 'thing else. Haven't read.