Monday, July 23, 2007

Still Movin'

Still nursing the elbows... So again today, I worked out with exercises that where pain free. As it turns out, I can do TGU's as long as I don't crush grip the handle. Also I tried to be a little creative and do kb-less swings. Yep, just stood there and rapidly hinged back and exploded forward. Surprisingly enough, it felt like I was actually getting something acomplished. I payed particular attention to what my body was doing; practicing the move. Also did some one legged dead lifts trying to extend my wrist while holding light kettlebells. Trying to be creative... Anyway, here it is:

A- TGU with 24kg x 10 minutes (12 TGU's each arm)
B1- KB-less swing x 20 for 5 sets
B2- One legged DL with 2 16kgs x 5/5 for 5 sets
B3- Pavel's Resilient Tricep Extension with 16kg x 6 for 4 sets

Not too much, but I felt good about it. Worked forearm extensers and streched throughout the rest of the day.


Franz Snideman said...

You gotta listen to your body man. I know all about elbow pain. Keep those forearm flexors really stretched out. Massage work obviously will help alot as well!

Glad to see you are healing!!!!!

Tim Anderson said...

I'm stubborn but I'm learning. Some lessons take longer to learn than others. Unfortunately, so does healing.