Saturday, July 7, 2007


I'm going on vacation tomorrow. I've been wondering which kettlebells to take with me; the 16kgs, 24kgs? Maybe both sets. I just don't know. On the other hand, I haven't taken a real break from training in quite a while. I probably should just take it easy and enjoy the week. After all, my joints would probably appreciate it. If I didn't love training with kettlebells so much, it wouldn't really be an issue. But I do love it, it's addictive. But perhaps rest is the best thing for me right now. Sounds logical. Yes, it does make sense. I should rest.

I know what I must do... Take the 16kgs.


Tracy said...

just let it go for a week. 'soften up' a bit as Pavel would say.You have hard a tough June.

Mark Reifkind said...

sorry dude that was me.

Tim Anderson said...

Thanks Mark. I know you're right.
I was almost there too, then i read your blog and i just wanted to do some snatches. Thanks for the advice, i'll take it.