Sunday, October 28, 2007

Power to Me.

Still sticking with my plan, but it is now modified. Change is good, right?
Friday, i went the Power to the People route on my training. I'm going to try and give this a clean go. It may rejuvenate me, at least that is my hope.

DL w/ 255 x 5 reps
DL w/ 230 x 5 reps

Bent Press w/ 70lb (on bar) x 5 reps
Bent Press w 65lb (on bar) x 5 reps

I thought i'd use fridays for bent presses...

Saturday and Sunday:
Z-health and that's all.

That's the new plan. Mondays i'll wave down the loads and build up to fridays.
Again, that's the plan...


Franz Snideman said...

Great to have a plan. The times when I have seen the greatest gains of always come when I had a plan!!!!

Tim Anderson said...

I'm just trying to be more like you. So far so good! today's workout did leave me energized. A good sign.

Aaron Friday said...

I've got a plan, too. Something is in the air, and we'll all be breaking PRs!

Taikei Matsushita said...

How hard/easy is barbell bent press.
I might try it one day.

Tim Anderson said...

Aaron, I hope your right. I'll do my part to make you right!

Tim Anderson said...


Try them! They are similar to the KB except with the whole balancing the bar part. They are cool though, makes me feel like all those pictures of the old time strong men like Sandow.