Sunday, October 14, 2007

Time Out

Tried something new today. I did nothing. I did this yesterday too. Can't remember the last time i just decided not to train 2 days in a row. I'm tired. Don't know why, but I'm tired. So, i took a break. May even take one tomorrow. Guess i'll wait and see. The way my body feels, i'm sure i need the rest.

Anyway, had a pretty good week. Training has been good. Tried pull ups again for the first time in about 3 months. They felt good. I actually bought the Tactical Strength Pull-up bar/stand in July and never even got to use it because my elbows were so angry. Well now i can finally say i've used it. Only did 4 sets of 5 with my body weight, but hey i did pull-ups and they didn't hurt...

Yesterday I had another Kettlebell Workshop at a friend of mine's studio. It went well. The victims had prior kbell experience so it was pretty smooth. One of them has sighned up for the RKC cert in April. She'll definately be ready.

I've taken a side job of managing personal trainers at the local health club where i live. This should be a fun/interesting experience for me. I'm trying to infect the club with kettlebells. I'm also having a kbell workshop there tomorrow. May the infection begin...

Over the last few days i've been thinking about changing the way i train. I think i want to focus more on pure animal strength. I even went to the sporting good store the other day to buy some 45lb plates for doing dead lifts. Just incase i needed them. It's been so long... I've been practicing heavy one legged dead lifts with my kbells lately. They don't bother my elbows or my shoulders. Having said that, i think i am almost out of the "Pain Woods." The body is feeling pretty good pain-wise. But it is just flat out exhausted...

Anyway, I'm excited and greatful to be able to do kbell workshops. It's so awesome to teach others about something I love to do so much. I really can't believe I get to live this life sometimes. I am blessed.

So are you.


Franz Snideman said...


great to hear that you are doing some KB seminars! No doubt you will love teaching them and they will only grow and get better.

Sometimes we all need to back off from training and REST! God knows I certainly have cut back on my training and it has forced me to focus on less and strip away the non-essential stuff (which already sounds like you are doing).

Be well! Great to hear your Gratitude and excitement for a blessed life!

God Bless!

Taikei Matsushita said...

Tim, I got in a similar situation. Just dead tired.
I took few days completely off and reduced the training time to just about half.
I'm sensing more strength this way.

WoodallsFitness said...


Both seminars went great! Can't wait to teach the next one with you. Thanks for bringing the 70lb kb; inspired me to buy my own man is it heavy! Whew!

Later bro!