Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm new again!

After completing R-phase, I thought I'd start all over. So, I've been practicing...

Practiced long spine and bone rhythms
body wt. squats: 10 x 5
imaginary presses: 10/10 x 8
imaginary swings: 10 x 5
pushups: 5 x 5

Trying to groove a new way of doing things...

Again, practicing long spine and bone rhythms
Also played with eye positions
Swings w/ 16kg: 10/10 x 10 = 200
2 handed swings w/ 24kg: 10 x 5
pushups: 10 x 5
pullups: 5 x 5 sets

*interesting note: this amount of swings is usually no big deal, today my legs are so sore!? Must be the new rhythm...

A1-Front squat w/ 2(16kg): 10 x 5
A2-Rows w/ 16kg: 10/10 x 5
B1-Dead lift w/ 2(32kg): 6 x 5
B2-KB press w/ 16kg: 6/6 x 5
Evil Wheel: 10 x 3

Basically, I'm trying to relearn everything w/ Z in mind. And, I think I like it. Now even a push-up is so much more!


Anonymous said...

Hey Tim,
I'm glad you're officially part of the ZHPS certified family!

Just a thought are your latest workouts! Keep the total volume of Bone Rhythm work for a given exercise at or below 20 reps. As you've noted they can really work the nervous system. Low reps in the beginning until you are out of the cognitive process.

Then you'll be rocking the bone rhythms with ease in every exercise!

Keep up the great work!


Tim Anderson said...

Hey Katie,

Thanks for the advice. Below 20? Wow, i thought i was doing good keeping it low. Hey, atleast I've been trying to visualize and do weightless reps. That's good for me, right? Funny thing, I kept focusing on "do 250 reps without weight" to get use to the rhythms. I guess that was also supposed to be broken up and not at one session? ;)

Hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Ok, try keeping the cognitive bone rhythm work around 20 reps, especially with body weight exercises. You can do more with KBs, but build up slowly, or if you're having a craving for more reps, don't put all your focus on bone rhythms. You could then focus on head/eye position.

Remember that change occurs at the speed of the nervous system! Don't freak it out by implementing too much change all at once.

Keep moving, but not too much!