Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Unicorns do exist

At least, if you saw my head yesterday you would think they do. I whacked it pretty good. Got a big ole golf ball sized knot right in the middle of my head. Hurt like a @#$$@#!! 

Anyway, sometimes pain lets you know you are alive. I was living yesterday! After hitting my head, I was still able to knock out a few sets of pull-ups and reverse pushups. No sprints this day, it was raining so hard I would have needed a boat.

Today was a lot less painful and my workout seemed to go really well despite the new shape of my head. 

Double Snatches with 2 24kgs: 5 x 15 sets
Pistols with 24kg: 3/3 x 4, 2/2 These felt the best they ever have!
Presses w/ 32kg: 4/4 x 4, 3/3 These also felt great; they had good speed.

Hopefully I can do some sprints tomorrow. It will only be 96 degrees. Won't have to worry about getting my blood warmed up...

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