Friday, February 24, 2012

No space, no problem

Sometimes we end up away from home or we find ourselves "off" from our normal routine. Being the fitness minded people that we are, we often want to find a great way to train on the road, or where ever it is we find ourselves. 

This is a small workout that I think is great for traveling. It doesn't take any space and it will really work you in a good way. 

It revolves around an exercise that I call the Spider-man Cross-Crawl. Yes, I am combining two moves in one! Basically, you get down on the floor in a Spider-man crawling position. Next you start touching opposite elbow to opposite knee. You are simply performing cross-crawls while you hold yourself up in a Spider-man crawl, or pushup position. You aren't actually covering any ground, though you could if you had room. This exercise is great for small hotel rooms.

Here is an example of how to perform a small workout with the Spider-man Cross-Crawl:

Warm-up by Pressing Reset. 

A1 - Spider-man Cross-Crawl x 1 minute, rest for 30 seconds
A2 - Burpees x 10
Repeat this sequence 10 to 15 times. Yes, it would total ten minutes of this wonderful exercise.

If the Spider-man Cross-Crawl gets easy, you can progress it by going as long as you can without resting. For instance, maybe you work up to 20 minutes without stopping. If you can do this, that is awesome. Please don't try this on your first time out though!

You can also progress the Spider-man Cross-Crawl by putting your feet about 2 feet up on a wall. Now you are in kind of a pushup like position while you wedge yourself between the floor and the wall. (Hint: push through the balls of your feet to stay up on the wall) Once in this position, you simply alternate back and forth by touching opposite arm to opposite leg. Again, this is a great travel exercise. Really though, it is simply just a great exercise period. You don't have to travel to do it.

What makes these drills so great is that you are really strengthening your core (entire body) by putting your body through a great deal of time under tension, and your using both hemispheres of your brain. 

If you want to see how great this is, try it for a minute and then get back to me. 

Hope you have a great week!


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