Saturday, February 18, 2012

Skills for Life

In your life, there are some skills that are just good to have. Most of us probably don't think of movement as a skill, but in today's world, that is pretty debatable. I think movement can be a skill. There are some movements that I think are worth owning, having, or possessing with proficiency. In truth, the skills of all human movements are worth owning. But to be more focused for this blog, I will just mention a few.

The pushup. I think the pushup is an invaluable movement. It is a skill that will serve you well for your entire life time. Yes, from an exercise standpoint, the pushup develops strength throughout the whole body (when done properly). You can use pushups no matter where you are. They are the perfect go with you anywhere gym. Exercise aside though, the pushup is also a life skill. Think about it, being able to push things away from your body is essential to a healthy life. Being able to push yourself up off the floor, or catch yourself if you should fall to the floor, can really make a difference in the quality of your life. However you find yourself there, I promise you one day you will end up on the floor or ground for some reason. The simple pushup can improve the quality of your life.

Another great skill to have is the deadlift. Don't freak out, but yes, the deadlift is an essential skill to own. Being able to pick things up off the ground is a life enhancing skill. Being strong enough to pick things up off the ground is also a blessing. Whether it is a bag of groceries, a pencil, a bag of rocks, or a barbell, the deadlift is a very important skill to own. If you live to be 80 or 90 years old, wouldn't it be great to be able to pick things up off the floor? It would be even better to be able to pick things up without getting injured, too! The deadlift is a wonderful skill to own. Besides, we were made to pick things up. If you don't know how to deadlift, learn how. You don't have to pick up anything super heavy, but you should learn how to pick things up. 

The squat is a very essential skill, or pattern, that you want to possess. What easier way is there to be able to gracefully lower yourself to the floor, or stand up if you should find yourself on the floor? I believe a man that can squat will stay younger than man that cannot. Squats can keep you young. Again, you will find yourself on the floor. You will want to be strong enough to stand up. You may also want to get down to the floor to pick something up without doing a deadlift. If you can't squat, or you don't know how to squat, it is worth learning. Everyone, no matter what age, should be able to squat. You want to have the mobility and the  strength it takes to squat. Squats are vital for vitality. 

There are other essential movements that can help with your quality of life, too. It is no secret that I believe everyone should crawl and roll around on the floor. In fact, I believe these skills are perhaps the greatest skills to own. In your life you will find yourself on the ground. If you put yourself there purposefully, and give yourself some play time while you are down there, you will be a lot better off. Having the strength and mobility to get up and down off the ground is essential. 

Movement is the key for quality living. Spending time on the floor, even doing "tummy time" like babies do, can make all the difference when it comes to having the ability to enjoy your life. 

Ok, go get some "tummy time."

Have a great weekend.



Sebastian Müller said...

Great post!
I totally agree.
Since I have your e-book downloaded, i rolling and crawling on a regular basis on my rest days and before my workouts.
On training days i lift, bend and push and enjoy every second. :)
Thanks for your posts.

Best regards,

Tim Anderson said...


Thanks for the feedback! Please keep in touch and let me know how things are going. "enjoying every second." - that's how it should be!

Take care,